Reconnect to Your Roots

April 22, 2020

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Whenever I’ve felt off-course and out of alignment, two things have consistently helped me – energy work and connecting to my roots.

I talk a lot about the former, but the latter is just as intrinsic a practice.

When I say “connecting to my roots,” I mean returning to my values and my soul’s purpose – remembering why I’m here.

Viewing decisions through that lens clarifies my highest path almost instantly.

If you’re feeling out of alignment or having a tough time deciding on something, center yourself, meditate, and ask yourself – what is my purpose? How does this path help or hinder my purpose? What alternate path could I take to further honor my soul?

Believe your answer when it comes. Act on it. You may hear words or see a vision, or you may feel an uncomfortable tightness in your chest (that means no) or an expansion of your energy (that means yes). If you want more information, ask for additional details.

Allow your soul to lead you toward happiness.



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