Earth Connections Session

April 21, 2020

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It’s Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, a time to celebrate Gaia and the blessings that she grants us each day. Even if you can’t make it outside due to a quarantine in your area, celebrate Earth Day by making sustainable choices, planting an herb or vegetable plant, and sending gratitude and love to Gaia. If you can make it outside, please do – Vitamin D is your immune system’s friend, and a bit of sunshine will lift your spirits and increase your energy.

Especially in times of crisis, it’s important to ground and reconnect with the energy of nature. The live Earth Connections Session is designed to do exactly that.

Join the Earth Connections Session to:

  • Invigorate your senses
  • Reconnect with the Earth
  • Stabilize your emotions
  • Ground your energy

Live or on-demand access available. Specify your preference at checkout.

FRI., 4/24/2020 ▪ 5:55 P.M. PDT (8:55 P.M. EDT, 25/4/2020 1:55 A.M. BST)


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