Featured On-Demand Session Packages

March 1, 2020

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Would you like targeted healing based on the current energy? Do you want to improve your physical immunity and also upgrade your spiritual health?

My featured on-demand session packages give you instant access to four separate sessions that are tailored to assist with collective energy, from conditioning and fear patterns to current health threats.

Choose from single-use or unlimited 30-day access to all four sessions. Once you purchase, you’ll gain instant access. You’re welcome to run the sessions concurrently or separately from one another, and you can even run the sessions on a 24/7 basis if you purchase unlimited 30-day access to them.

These sessions are purposely very affordable and help so much energetically, especially when done in combination.

Right now the four featured on-demand sessions are:

  • Happiness Session
  • Immunity Session
  • Raise Your Vibration Session
  • Wellness Session

Read more and book your package HERE.



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