A Message From Kali

February 27, 2020

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Dearest ones, this is a lot to take in, I know.

I must remind you to quell your fear and to try your hardest to not be afraid – fear will not help, but it will hurt.

Fear will cause your vibration to drop, and your immunity will drop with it.

Instead of fear, look to preparations – what do you need? Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Take care of your physical needs first – ensure that you have plenty of food and water to get by, that you’ve obtained relevant medications, and that you are able to stay home as needed. Physical methods of sanitizing yourself and your space are also necessary.

You have not seen anything like this in your lifetime. I have unfortunately seen many things like this.

In situations like these, fear can override reason – that is what you must avoid. You must retain your senses at this time.

Do not panic, but prepare. Your obligation lies only in preparing for yourself and your family – it is important to remember that you cannot prepare for everyone who you know. Those who take the time to prepare will be safer in the end regardless of what transpires – those who do not will wish that they had.

The coming months will be full of turmoil. There will be new announcements daily or almost daily regarding the illness and its effects on the world – these announcements may leave you worried, anxious, breathless. It is your task to rise above them and to move on for yourself and your family. Move on to keep yourself safe.

For those of you who lose loved ones, please know that no matter what causes it, it is ultimately their time to go. They pre-determined their outcome before they ever arrived on this planet; going when they do allows them to remain in alignment with that pre-determined outcome. Some have chosen to go home early on so they do not live through the rest of what may happen; some have achieved what they must and are now done with this lifetime.

Remember that those who lived here once are not gone – they have simply transitioned to a different way of living. A body is not required for one to go on living. Your loved ones are with you regardless of whether they are here in the flesh; please remember that in your time of need.

I must implore you to listen to your intuition. If you hear a piece of advice that activates your senses or gives you chills of awareness, heed that advice. If you hear a piece of advice that feels hollow or that doesn’t resonate in your body, that advice may not be for you.

A strong intuition will take you farther than you realize in a situation such as this.

Go now and prepare – do what you must do – but please remember my advice.

Do not let fear win. Do not let panic sway you from protecting your family. Do not let societal pressures and judgments influence your preparations.

Do what you must, and do it now.



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