February 5, 2020

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What do you want?

For some, that question might evoke an instant response. Visions of dream jobs, new homes, and divine partners may pop up.
But what does that mean, exactly? What do you actually want?

What does the dream job look like? How do you feel when you’re there? What are your responsibilities? Why do you want that job in particular?

Where is the new home located? How many bedrooms does it have? How do you feel when you’re spending time there? Why that home?

What do you want in your divine partner? What traits does he or she have? How would you like to be treated in the relationship? Is he or she quiet and reserved or outspoken and outgoing?

Once you decide on each thing you want and why, write it down. Then put your energy toward manifesting the thing you want – rather than wasting energy on the indecision.

Deciding is the first step in having what you want.



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