Fix the Cycle

January 20, 2020

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You’ve done the work. You’ve met with your guides, spoken to your higher self, gotten clear on what you want, and manifested some amazing things. But you’re stuck in this perpetual loop of maintenance. . . . Once you accomplish something, you have to once again release, align, and rebalance. You’re over it. Chakra maintenance is no longer fun – it’s a chore.

You understand that the process is required sometimes – but so often? Do you need to spend so much time on the blocks? Do you need to spend a week wearing red, eating red foods, and grounding extensively in order to balance your root chakra? Should you be wasting so much time maintaining instead of growing?

Isn’t it supposed to be easier than that?

Of course it is.

What if you finally released the blocks, the maintenance, and the struggle for clarity? What if you balanced and aligned yourself in an instant, without worrying about different rituals for different chakras? What if you took all of the time spent on maintenance and spent it on things that matter to you – family, friends, self-care, and goals? What could you accomplish?

Imagine if energy flowed freely for you and didn’t get stuck. You’d release tough emotions more easily; forgive past grudges; and keep a high frequency in the wake of disappointment. You’d still have human emotions and experiences. But you’d process them quickly and move toward joy. You would still reflect – but you wouldn’t need to rehash, reconsider, and replay things to heal them. You wouldn’t need hours of meditation to get negative thoughts to fade.

Chakras 2.0® gives you that freedom, growth, and expansion.

Chakras 2.0® is a multidimensional course enabling the development of your next-era energy system. A system that allows energy to flow freely; that allows your body, mind, and soul to work in concert, without the blocks and constant maintenance. A system that allows you to step away from the thought loops and the stuck emotions. A system that allows you more authenticity, more passion, and more growth.

Chakras 2.0® is the solution that you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the last day for early registration pricing. Are you in?

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