Happy Holiday Season! Plus Changes at KatMichaels.net

November 30, 2019

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Happy holiday season! It’s wonderful to be back after four months of maternity leave, and I’m excited to connect again with each of you.

I intended to announce my maternity leave schedule ahead of time, but as things go sometimes, my baby came early. I quickly learned as a new mom that life with a newborn couldn’t be scheduled – it was more difficult than imagined to find a few moments here and there to complete my work and to do the things that I “needed” to do, and sleep became the utmost priority for those moments that I did find. The best lesson was ultimately to surrender to the moment, allowing myself the time to spend with my baby while he was still so tiny. I learned that the only thing I truly needed then and there was that time and that connection, and that even if my plan wasn’t perfectly executed, the other things could wait.

I’m now back and ready to reignite my business, with a few changes. I’m dedicating as much time as possible to healing, coaching, and intuitive work; spending less time on paperwork; and offering available sessions in the most convenient manner possible for my clients and myself.

Below is a summary of what’s currently available and a description of some of the changes that I’ve made.

Angelic Energy Tune-Ups®

  • Angelic Energy Tune-Ups® will be available primarily in on-demand and group formats.

I am no longer offering customized Angelic Energy Tune-Up® 3-session packages or one-hour sessions. On-demand sessions are highly effective and are encouraged for most needs.

  • Angelic Energy Tune-Up® mini sessions are now available HERE.

By popular request and for a limited time, I’ve brought back my Angelic Energy Tune-Up® mini sessions. These sessions are customized to address narrowly-tailored objectives. A mini session is appropriate for you if you’ve been dealing with a specific situation that you’d like some clearing around – i.e. a significant breakup, the loss of someone close to you, or a particularly stressful work situation. Mini sessions can also be completed for homes, businesses, or websites.

Mini sessions are available by appointment. You may book one Angelic Energy Tune-Up® mini session at a time; packages will not be offered.

  • Reports for group and on-demand sessions are now generalized.

In the past, I’ve done unique reports for each group session, and you’ve had to wait until after the session to receive them. The group session reports will now be generalized and available before the session begins. The on-demand session reports are downloadable from the incantation page where you’re redirected following your purchase. The new reports inform participants of general procedures and modalities used in all group sessions, without listing the individual crystals and incantations used during the session.

  • Fewer live group sessions will be available.

At one time, I was holding weekly group sessions; that will no longer be the case. Group sessions will be available for special events (i.e. unique energetic occurrences like eclipses, special moons, etc.) and categorically as guided. Some sessions may be listed as on-demand sessions only instead of being offered live.

  • More on-demand sessions are available.

A larger selection of on-demand sessions is now available. On-demand sessions allow an opportunity for you to complete a particular session as needed in your own time. All of the energy from the original session is saved and is fully accessible in the on-demand session.

On-demand sessions are available HERE.

There are currently 50+ on-demand sessions. Categories include emotional healing, energetic maintenance, inspiration, relationships, abundance, psychic and intuitive development, and more. An on-demand pet session is also available.

I’m in the process of saving even more sessions in an on-demand format. The goal is to provide a well rounded library of on-demand Angelic Energy Tune-Ups® to fit my clients’ needs; these sessions can then be accessed whenever and wherever the energy healing is needed.

Empath Protection Packs®

Empath Protection Packs® are still available for those looking to protect themselves and their energy permanently. Empath Protection Packs® offer a full energy healing experience coupled with customized energetic protection so that one can comfortably move about one’s day without absorbing harmful energies. Read more about my Empath Protection Packs® HERE.

Angel and Past-Life Readings

Angel and past-life readings are a wonderfully direct option for connecting with your guides, and they will continue to be available. Reading reports will remain the same for now; channeled information will be typed out exactly as I hear it, and individual guidance will be thorough.

Individual appointment times have not been offered for readings for awhile; reading reports are delivered within two weeks of a reading booking unless an expedited option is chosen. Past-life readings will continue to be available in short and long formats. Individual past-life clearing and healing sessions will no longer be available; however, a past-life on-demand session is available for those interested in clearing their past lives and any karma associated with those lives.

Read more about my Angel Readings HERE. Read more about past-life work HERE.

Coaching Programs

  • Divine Awareness® is still available and has displaced some of my other offerings.

I used to offer Intuitive Crystal Therapy, Reiki, and Pendulum Dowsing as their own programs; now, those programs are reserved for my Divine Awareness® program, which will continue to be offered. The inaugural class is in full swing, and the next group won’t begin for awhile.

If you’re interested in being notified when Divine Awareness® is offered next, please sign up for the waitlist HERE.

  • Activate Your Intuition® and Manifest Your Soul® psychic and soul activation programs are still available.

I’ve taken two of my most successful coaching techniques and expanded them into their own programs. Activate Your Intuition® removes psychic blocks, activates and amplifies intuitive gifts, and provides individual attunements to help cultivate stronger connections with one’s intuition and guides. Manifest Your Soul® clears conditioning, programming, outdated belief systems, and blocks that are preventing one from moving forward in one’s life purpose.

Read more about the Activate Your Intuition® and Manifest Your Soul® programs HERE.

  • Chakras 2.0® is still available.

My special chakra evolution program, Chakras 2.0®, is still available on a solo basis and will be available on a group basis from time to time. Evolve into your highest self with Chakras 2.0®, which eliminates chakra maintenance, facilitates multidimensional understanding, and deepens authenticity in the process of upgrading your energy system. Read more about Chakras 2.0® HERE.

Social Media

I’ll continue my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MeWe, and DaoCloud, though I likely won’t be as active as I was before my pregnancy. I’ll connect with my Facebook group members frequently and will post content, though it will still be easier to reach me via e-mail at kat@katmichaels.net.

To join my Facebook group, please go HERE.

I look forward to working with each of you when the time is right! Have a beautiful holiday season, and please let me know how I can be of service.

Much love,



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