Full Moon in Leo and Lunar Eclipse

January 21, 2019

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Yesterday was the full moon in Leo and the start of the lunar eclipse, which extended through today. High-surging emotions from the last few weeks have now been shed to a large degree, making way for a new post-eclipse time of happiness, gratitude, and positive development. Motivation, charisma, and joy are increasing, while melancholy, existentialist concerns, and tearful reactions should be minimized. Breathe a sigh of relief that we’re through the turmoil and into greener pastures – there’s lighter and brighter energy afoot now, so enjoy it and your first foray into this post-eclipse world.

Eclipses always herald dramatic changes in the energetic environment, and this lunar eclipse is no exception. Thoughts are generally clearer and more precise; momentum is picking up with respect to ideas, projects, and relationships; and inspiration found lacking in recent months has rebuilt itself to a highly effective degree. Take advantage of this spurt of energy over the next few days, as the advent of the Virgo moon and additional waning moon energy on Wednesday will subdue things slightly.

Work with citrine, carnelian, red aventurine, or hematoid quartz to streamline your ideas and to boost your self-confidence and personal energy.



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