Full Moon in Cancer: Emotional Release

December 22, 2018

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It’s the full moon in Cancer, and we’re in a bubble of Solstice energy due to the Winter Solstice yesterday in the northern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice today in the southern hemisphere. The last moon cycle of the year is a powerful time of release, and it’ll likely feel like it over the next week until the New Year.

Be prepared during this waning moon cycle to shed anything that’s been holding you back in 2018. Habits, jobs, relationships, friendships, and more that aren’t serving you are likely to fade – or cause so much frustration that you can’t help but leave them behind. The moon in Cancer places extra emphasis on those things that we relate with “home,” so this may mean specific shifts with regard to serious relationships, living situations, family members, and long-term plans. To top things off, this water sign tends to increase emotional reactions. It’s key to allow yourself to fully feel the emotions before letting them go so that you don’t repress them on any level.

No matter what you step away from, remember that you’re not losing anything – you’re gaining an opportunity to be your best self. You’ll always have the good memories, the lessons learned, and the amazing experiences that you shared with those whom are no longer in your life, but you’ll also be allowing yourself the freedom to expand your life the way it’s meant to be expanded.

Work with fuchsite, pink opal, pink thulite, or rhodochrosite to instill a strong sense of self-worth while removing cords, releasing pain, and transitioning from anything that no longer serves you.



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