Full Moon in Gemini: Shift Your Perspective

November 23, 2018

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Welcome to the full moon in Gemini! Polar opposite the sun in Sagittarius, this moon is here to remind us of the duality of our ideas . . . what does and doesn’t work, what should and shouldn’t be improved upon, and what should ultimately be discarded or kept. This applies to whatever you want it to – clothing, relationships, or plans – but Gemini favors a more cerebral approach, and matters of the heart are less likely to be implicated than those mental pursuits that we’ve been working toward.

The important thing to note about this moon is that change isn’t a bad thing. . . . While it seems that our expectations are upset and our plans are foiled, Gemini encourages us to recognize the good in everything that occurs as well as the bad, elevate our mindsets, and push forward with an even better plan next time. The nice thing about this moon is that it encourages us to quickly determine what’s beneficial or not and move on from that, despite Sagittarius’s normal tendency to ponder for long periods of time.

What’s coming up for you today that isn’t resolving? Is there another perspective that you can adopt to make the situation more clear? Oftentimes when something doesn’t work out one way, it’s an invitation to tweak it slightly rather than to nix it entirely. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” applies here – make sure that you’re uncovering and adopting those things that did work rather than just starting from square one.

Work with sodalite, honey calcite, green fluorite, or blue lace agate to separate the beneficial from the nonbeneficial, to shift your perspective, and to organize and develop those things that are working in your favor.



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