Divine Awareness Will Change Your Life

November 19, 2018

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Divine Awareness℠ will change your life.


I say that with absolute certainty.

You’ll learn to trust yourself through Unit One, Self-Awareness. You’ll also learn what it’s like to exist without any needed chakra maintenance – yes, you read that right – and to upgrade your senses beyond perceived possibility.
You’ll learn to communicate with other realms, have your questions answered, and trust your guides through Unit Two, Angel and Ascended Master Awareness.
You’ll learn a magical way of being by communicating with even more realms in Unit Three, Fairy and Star Being Awareness. And you’ll learn how to use additional modes of healing, feel energetic upgrades as they come through, and work with the fairies to manifest your desires quickly.
You’ll learn to wield crystals with knowledge, skill, and intuition in Unit Four, Crystalline Awareness. And you’ll learn an entire process that combines all of the above into one cohesive, effective healing offering that I call the Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠.
I’ve developed my Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ process over a period of years, and it’s time to share it with you.
Together, we can help more people heal. That’s what Divine Awareness℠ is all about.

The Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ process that I’m teaching is one that I believe in wholeheartedly.

It’s a process that I’ve used to release deep-seated worry, doubt, and pain for hundreds of people all over the globe.
It’s a process that I’ve used to amplify confidence, increase charisma, instill hope, and assist manifestation.
It’s a process that I’ve used to help with chronic issues, whether physical, emotional, mental, or energetic.
It’s a process that I’ve used to bring instant peace and tranquility to those who are in unbearable grief, fear, or despair.


It’s a process that I’ve used to heal myself . . .

. . . from crushing anxiety and fear.
. . . from the fresh wounds of a toxic marriage and equally toxic divorce.
. . . from the self-doubt, self-depreciation, low self-worth, and negative self-talk that plagued me by the minute.
. . . from a nervous system so affected by others’ energies that I had persistent hives, eczema, and breakouts.
. . . from a limiting, Matrixed reality where I truly believed at one point that I had no way out.
It’s a process that has helped me, energetically and over time, to . . .
. . . love and believe in myself.
. . . recognize my value, my talent, and my contribution to the world.
. . . improve my relationships – and find new ones that honored me.
. . . be at peace with myself and the world.

It’s a process that works.

Once you learn my process, I’ll make sure you’re equipped to take it into the world, too.
I’m talking the business basics that are so often overlooked in healing programs. . . . Establishing your business, making sure that you’re legal, taking formative marketing steps, and obtaining insurance.

Then I’ll give you a license with which to go practice my Angelic Energy Tune-Ups℠, on your own, with your clients.

So that you can witness and assist with their healing – and your own.
It’s time to make your mark in the world.

Are you ready to step onto your path as a true healer?



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