Divine Awareness℠ Unit Four Preview

November 13, 2018

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Divine Awareness℠. . . .
What’s included?
I’ve shared about Units One through Three of Divine Awareness℠, my next-level apprenticeship program that offers a one-of-a-kind certification, licensing, and sustainable business opportunity in the field of energy healing.
Divine Awareness℠ is comprised of four units that take place over a one-year period. Each unit is covered over a 12-week period, and the units proceed consecutively.
Unit Four covers crystalline awareness. It includes . . . .
  • 2 Angel Readings: advice from your guides regarding your soul’s path and purpose so that you can use the information to learn more about yourself and to educate your process going forward.
  • Activate Your Intuition: a tailored 3-session 1:1 energy work experience designed to tap into your highest psychic potential. In Unit Four, the Activate Your Intuition package will focus on special attunements to connect you to the crystal realm, enhancing your multidimensional communication and energy healing abilities. 
  • Intuitive Energy Coaching: a combination of group and 1:1 coaching to ensure that you learn everything you need to know about starting and running a sustainable energy-healing business, from the magical and woo-woo techniques and integration to the practical 3D knowledge of basic business and legal parameters within which you’ll need to work. The 1:1 coaching component allows us to spend dedicated time applying the teachings to your personal situation.
  • Group Q&A Sessions: 2 two-hour sessions to ask any questions that you have and receive real-time answers and laser coaching.
  • Intuitive Crystal Therapy: my one-of-a-kind crystal therapy program that includes a Crystal Reiki attunement plus high-level instruction in working with crystals for healing purposes. You’ll learn how to use Crystal Reiki for gridwork and healing, how to tap into crystalline energy from afar, how to pick effective crystal combinations, and more. You’ll also learn my Angelic Energy Tune-Up℠ process to use with your own clients. 
  • 4 On-Demand Group Sessions: Crystalline Connections, Heal the Healer, and two other applicable sessions that have yet to be announced.
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