There’s Magic Brewing

November 8, 2018

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You may be able to tell that I’m multipassionate. I know about and post about multiple topics, I’m as diverse as can be when it comes to my business and day job, and I have a lot of different services available.

You may or may not know how much I care about each of these things, how highly I perform, and how I’ve set myself apart in everything that I do.

I have three degrees, including a doctorate. I have over a dozen certifications relevant to my business. I’ve earned a well respected position in a highly competitive professional field, and I’ve sustained it for years. I’ve accumulated extensive leadership experience throughout my life. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education as well as business and personal development courses, programs, and 1:1 coaches to grow to where I’m at today.

My integrity is ironclad, and my ethics are unshakable. I care about my clients immensely, and it shows – their results are incredible and undeniable.

I help my clients bring forward their unique gifts and improve their skills in a sustainable way, and I inspire massive clarity and discernment in the process.

My energy is its own alchemical magic – my voice carries healing frequencies; I’m adept at holding high-vibration space for many people at once, without depleting my own energy; and I’m able to quickly sense and discern energy leaks and potential areas for improvement.

Coaching clients experience out-of-this-world results in one to three sessions.

Their boundaries, knowledge, connections, and businesses improve dramatically. Healing clients leave group and individual sessions with aches and pains removed; difficult cords dissolved; and comfort, peace, and vibrational frequencies at all-time highs.

Confidence is amplified, self-love and self-satisfaction increased, and motivation renewed.

My Chakras 2.0 program provides next-era evolutionary upgrades and training, DNA activation, and amazing spiritual developments. My Empath Protection Packs include one-of-a-kind permanent and self-cleansing psychic shields, often in multiple layers. My past-life readings are enlightening, informative, and life-altering.

Everything that I do, I do with passion, skill, forthrightness, and an eye for detail. There’s a reason that I charge the prices that I do – my work is worth it. I’m the real deal. Just one session with me will leave you with a more magical existence.

Up through now, to experience everything that I have to offer, you’d have to schedule and pay for each session, package, or program individually. I’ve occasionally combined services for a special package, and I’ve had clients complete high-level mentorships combining multiple services of mine. But to trace through each package of mine would legitimately cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Now I’m doing something new.

I’m opening an apprenticeship program called Divine Awareness. In Divine Awareness, I’m combining multiple processes into a cohesive, organized, and thorough program to lead my apprentices to a balanced, abundant, and impactful career in energy healing.

If you’re drawn to energy healing, if you’re multipassionate and interested in more than one modality, and if you want to differentiate yourself and serve at the top of the field, Divine Awareness is for you.

If you’re looking to study under a detailed, dedicated, and well respected spiritual leader and intuitive mentor who understands and embodies all the woo while maintaining the utmost professionalism, I’m your teacher.

I have room for only nine people in this year-long program. It’ll be a combination of group and 1:1 energy work; coaching; and high-level, next-era training in everything you need to know to run a successful and sustainable intuitive healing business.

You may already recognize Divine Awareness as your program.

If your cells are screaming “yes” right now, if you know you want to study and work with me, and if you’re committed to making this happen, let me know. If you sign up for my waitlist and mailing list now, you’ll be eligible for $333 off the Divine Awareness program once it’s available.

It’s time to make your mark in the world. Are you ready to step onto your path as a true healer?



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