New Moon in Scorpio

November 7, 2018

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It’s the new moon in Scorpio, and it’s an invitation to finally release those things that aren’t serving us so that we may manifest our most aligned lives. This intense new moon plus Venus in retrograde may inspire anxiety, despair, shame, doubt, or other heavy emotions, so breathe, rest, and care for yourself the next day or two while the fragments of your old self are still fading.

Once you’ve weathered the storm, take the time this week to approach your goals from a space of metamorphosis, maximum impact, and ingenuity. How can you shift your own – and others’ – experience to a more improved way of being? What can you do to affect those around you in a positive way? What can you create to benefit the world? Expand your viewpoint using these considerations and see how it changes your overall perspective.

The energy lately and the approach of the Pleaidian alignment has stimulated massive spiritual growth and a high number of multidimensional downloads. An overabundance of energy can stimulate physical and external symptoms. Make sure to keep yourself grounded during this time by carrying a grounding crystal or by using another grounding method.

Work with ruby, charoite, amazonite, and pink moonstone (the technical name for moonstones ranging from beige to peach, with a white sheen) for impactful manifestation, spiritual growth, and enlightened truth.



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