Connecting with the Angels During Sleep

October 7, 2018

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You may have a few crystals for angelic communication,* and you may have tried meditating with them. But have you considered what else to do to with these crystals to connect with your angels further or in a different way?
One way to connect with your angels is to work with them while you sleep. For this, choose one or more of the crystals for angelic communication and sleep with the crystal(s) at your bedside or in your pillowcase (you may want to place them in a pouch so they don’t easily roll out of your pillowcase).
While holding your crystals before placing them, set the intention that these crystals help connect you with your angels so that you may download information or guidance during your sleep. Always retain the boundary to work with only those beings who have your highest and best interest in mind.
My favorite crystals to use to connect during sleep are angelite, celestite, apophyllite, chevron amethyst, and amethyst. Although crystals like danburite and clear quartz are great for connecting to one’s angels during meditation, they do not help with sleep.
*Go HERE to read my original article on Crystals for Angelic Communication.


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