A Message From Kali

October 4, 2018

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Kali, the Hindu goddess known as the Dark Mother, is the Goddess of Time and Death; she is also a divine supporter of feminine empowerment. Call on Kali when looking for strength, protection, or clarity.

Beloveds, thank you for your love, and thank you for your loyalty. The number of you who believe has risen . . . the number of you who wish to help has also. We see this and appreciate this. We love you and support you.

Focus, beloveds, for the time has come for you to rise and shine your glorious light. So much love is needed now, so much assistance; add to that love and assistance with your voices, your time, and your care. Many of you are being called toward the helping professions – this is not a coincidence. This is your time.

Please remember as you’re moving along that you are not responsible for the pain that you see. No one person can make another’s pain go away – one can only influence the other, a drop of rain in a bucket, until the other has received enough drops and possesses the inspiration to go within and change themselves. Sometimes it takes but a few drops; sometimes it takes many. It depends on the size of the bucket, how cavernous the container, and how full it is already. But regardless of those conditions, you do not hold the bucket, and you alone cannot manage or fill the bucket.

Can you imagine worrying about how everyone carried their individual buckets? How much water was falling out, whether there were drops coming out the side on a rough swing of the bucket? No. This would be unfathomable. Yet it is the same with others’ emotions. You are not responsible – you do not hold the power to change others’ emotions. Only they may do so. Be kind; that is your role when it comes to others.

Instead of minding others and concerning yourself with their emotions and their state of being, concern yourself with your own. For each thing you see in another is reflected within you to some degree. When you note someone’s anger, ask yourself where your anger is hiding so that you may offer it for release. When you note someone’s incompetence, look within yourself to find your own fear of incompetence. We place the same conditions on others that we place on ourselves . . . oftentimes blame placed on others is simply diffusion of subconscious blame placed on the self.

Once you make these shifts, you will feel yourself rise further. You cannot get to the level at which you should be by concerning yourself with others’ emotions, by taking responsibility for others’ feelings and even actions at times. These things take so much time and energy . . . that is energy that you could pour into yourself so that you may impact more people on another level. Do you see the distinction? You may impact others through your work on yourself – if you fill your bucket, you may share the water – but you should not concern yourself with others’ reactions and emotions as they are. You are only an input.

We love you. And again, we thank you.


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