Samhain + Last Quarter Moon in Leo

Samhain + Last Quarter Moon in Leo

Happy Samhain, and welcome to the last quarter moon in Leo! With the sun in regenerative Scorpio, the moon in empowering Leo, and the veil thinner than ever, today is an amazing day to do some shadow work, dig into your patterns and conditioning, and release all that doesn’t serve your highest good. The energy today and the rest of this week is that of focused inspiration, so take out your pads and pens and write down those things that occur to you – these are not your run-of-the-mill thoughts. Any developmental ideas and intentions will serve you well come the waxing moon, when it’s high manifestation time, so save that list once you’ve written it.

If you have any interest in developing your psychic skills, I suggest practicing those today to take advantage of the added Samhain interdimensional connectivity. Would you like to speak with your passed loved ones, work with your guardian angel, or experience ascended master energy? Today is a fantastic chance to do all of the above. You can follow a particular ritual if you’d like, but it’s just as effective to go into such an experience with an open, genuine, and relaxed attitude. Try to minimize any expectations and just sense what comes through. Ask your questions and wait to see, hear, feel, or know the answer.

As always when doing this type of work, make sure to protect your space by declaring ahead of time that you are open only to those energies that are in your highest and best good, and that you invite only those guides of the highest vibrational frequency. This ensures that you won’t connect with any harmful beings.

Work with the following crystals to understand your shadow, shift nonbeneficial patterns, and connect interdimensionally.

  • Labradorite
  • Gold sheen obsidian
  • Smoky quartz
  • Bloodstone


Changes at

Changes at

You may have noticed some changes lately to the way my sessions and programs are structured, and I’d like to clarify the shifts for you.

Healing Sessions & Readings

I’ve switched from single healing sessions to 3-session packages for most of my 1:1 healing and activation sessions, including my signature Angelic Energy Tune-Ups. 3-session packages allow for additional healing, improvement, and integration, while ensuring that your healing process can be adequately supported. My 3-session healing packages all come with e-mail and Facebook messenger or Voxer support.

The 3-session healing packages include:

Certain offerings of mine are still available as single sessions and services. These sessions are no longer time-dependent and can be completed without scheduling a specific appointment time. These include:

Group healing sessions are still available on a single session basis and can be seen here. New group sessions are available each Friday on a topical basis; I invite you to visit my group site to review the upcoming offerings.

Coaching Programs

I have more programs in place. Intuitive Life Coaching is still available in 3-session packages for personal development purposes, and I’ve added Specialized Intuitive Coaching, which combines my intuitive coaching processes with my angel reading and Angelic Energy Tune-Up services. Specialized Intuitive Coaching is designed especially for those individuals who work in the intuitive fields and who are looking for guidance regarding their business, gifts, and specialized psychic development.

Chakras 2.0 has been completely revamped, Pendulum Dowsing is still available, and I have a relatively new program called Intuitive Crystal Therapy – a one-of-a-kind crystal training program that prepares you to work professionally in the field of crystal therapy.

My coaching programs all come with perks like e-mail and Facebook or Voxer support as well as free group sessions (number of free sessions dependent on program).

Are you interested in multiple programs and don’t know where to start, or would you like to see a combination of these offerings at a special value? Do you simply want to go deeper than any single program allows? Stay tuned for a special brand-new program; I’ll release it very soon!

Free Content

In addition to my regularly published articles and my normal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media posts, I’ve been drawn to adding a group space for awhile. Though I wasn’t sure if I was going to use a social media platform or another forum, I’ve ultimately decided to open a Facebook group called Divine Awareness. I’d be honored if you’d join us.

The Divine Awareness group is a place where we discuss all things spiritual and woo, whether related to other dimensions, otherworldly beings, intuitive gifts, angelic connections, or something else. It’s completely free to join, and in addition to publishing posts and written information, I’ll be doing Facebook lives on a regular basis to answer questions, explain concepts, and assist with the group’s spiritual development.

I deeply value our connection, and I look forward to working with you through my new and updated free and paid offerings.

If you have questions regarding these shifts, my services, or your next steps on your spiritual path, you may contact me here.


Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus

Welcome to the full moon in Taurus! With the moon in earthy, stable Taurus through Thursday, the focus this week is largely on sustainability and practicality. It’s a great time to take regular, routine steps toward your goals and to release those remaining things that are hindering you from accomplishing them. What is still left that’s interfering with your focus, slowing you down, and failing to inspire you? Recognize those things and let them go in favor of more time, energy, and productivity.

Even while you’re focused on practical goals and clearing out the excess, don’t take huge action steps regarding your finances – Venus is still in retrograde through November 16, and that doesn’t favor new investments or big financial shifts. With the Venus influence, don’t be alarmed if thoughts of romance threaten to interfere with the practical planning that you’re attempting to focus on – old memories, past lovers, and outdated stories of regret may rear their heads and beg your attention. The key with these is to accept the lessons, integrate them, and let the rest go so that you can freely move forward.

Work with pyrite, moss agate, heulandite, or green fluorite for restructured thoughts, improved focus, and detached release.


New Moon in Libra: Balance and Introspection

New Moon in Libra: Balance and Introspection

It’s the new moon in Libra, and this week’s primary focus is balance. This energy is amplified by Venus retrograde in Scorpio, which, when combined with Libra’s well developed thought processes, is inspiring many of us to reassess, refigure, and readjust in multiple areas. At the same time, the tumultuous events of recent weeks are mostly dying down, and we’re entering a period of relative quiet, which is perfect for silent consideration.

What have you noticed that you’d like to shift or rebalance? Is there a pattern or habit that you’d like to transform? Often the most subtle hints come from our partnerships, and with the new moon energy, this is a great place to start looking. Recognition and acceptance of ourselves and our ways of being go a long way toward personal evolution, and any areas that you consciously focus on now can be improved over this moon cycle. The beauty of the new moon in Libra is that the energy is less about digging deep and unearthing the weeds – you’ve done that part. Now it’s more about pure development and refinement of the soil that you’ve tilled.

Not sure where to start? Think of the things in which you still find the most resistance. Are you incredibly neat, and does it bother you when others aren’t? Do you tend to get road rage while driving? Do you love your family but fight to hold your tongue regarding your sister’s choice in friends? Each of these points and others like them, inconsequential as they seem, can influence your life dramatically. It’s about the energetic signature that they carry and the underlying attachments that you have; these are all energies that can be redesigned to influence you more positively.

As you’re working with the new moon in Libra to reach new personal heights, don’t forget to balance yourself in the process. While it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in one area, especially when focused on improvement, it’s generally not the healthiest approach. Make sure that you work to adequately balance family, friends, career, and more in a way that feels right to you.

Work with agate, amazonite, bloodstone, or blue aventurine for balance, introspection, and self-improvement.


Connecting with the Angels During Sleep

Connecting with the Angels During Sleep

You may have a few crystals for angelic communication,* and you may have tried meditating with them. But have you considered what else to do to with these crystals to connect with your angels further or in a different way?
One way to connect with your angels is to work with them while you sleep. For this, choose one or more of the crystals for angelic communication and sleep with the crystal(s) at your bedside or in your pillowcase (you may want to place them in a pouch so they don’t easily roll out of your pillowcase).
While holding your crystals before placing them, set the intention that these crystals help connect you with your angels so that you may download information or guidance during your sleep. Always retain the boundary to work with only those beings who have your highest and best interest in mind.
My favorite crystals to use to connect during sleep are angelite, celestite, apophyllite, chevron amethyst, and amethyst. Although crystals like danburite and clear quartz are great for connecting to one’s angels during meditation, they do not help with sleep.
*Go HERE to read my original article on Crystals for Angelic Communication.