Crystals are amazing for enhancing angelic communication. To open up communication with your angels or with particular archangels, first enter a meditative state by sitting or lying down in a sacred space, breathing deeply, and letting go of your thoughts by focusing on your breath or on your body. As thoughts do come up, simply observe them; don’t force them away.
Once you feel sufficiently relaxed, call in your angels. Always hold the intention to work with only those beings of the highest love and light, who have your highest and best interest in mind. Pay attention to anything you see, hear, feel, or become aware of while in this state.
Below are just a few of the crystals that assist in angelic communication. If you’re drawn to others, listen to your intuition! There are many crystals that work well for this purpose.
  • Angelite
  • Selenite
  • Celestite
  • Charoite
  • Amethyst
  • Danburite
  • Apophyllite
  • Optical Calcite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rutilated Quartz
  • Aqua Aura Quartz
  • Angel Aura Quartz