A Message From Archangel Gabriel

September 20, 2018

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Archangel Gabriel is the Divine Messenger and the archangel of the white ray, the ray of harmony and purity. Known for aiding in the discovery and achievement of one’s life purpose, Archangel Gabriel assists with motivation, time management, and creative inspiration. Archangel Gabriel helps with communication and often acts as a guide for those with messages to share, including writers, teachers, speakers, musicians, artists, and psychics, among others.

Here is a message from Archangel Gabriel.

Beloveds, you think that you must do something, say something, be something in particular in order to be valued, to be loved. You must know now that these beliefs are not true. You are loved for how you be, just as you are, with no modifications or improvements necessary.

Of course you want to improve yourself – that is a healthy thing and a good sign. But you should never condition your self-love or romantic love on such things. Those are additions, not the base. The base is you, as you be, with all of your very personal and special characteristics. Nobody else has these characteristics. So there is no competition.

You place such pressure on yourselves to “beat” the other person, to “come out ahead,” and to “stay ahead of the curve.” What if I told you there were no curve? For the curve is something wholly man-made, and each achievement in its own right is perfect for the individual who achieves it. Each person must go through exactly what s/he goes through in order to become the person s/he is meant to be – there truly are no mistakes.

Please remember that next time you or anyone else receives a less than desirable result in your eyes – whatever it is was perfectly planned to help you or the other person to develop into your or their best self. Each loss, setback, and weakness was perfectly designed to catalyze each person’s strength – though different people struggle in different areas, these areas are all by divine plan.

So be grateful for these areas of growth; do not vilify them. They are necessary in order for you to be who you want to be in the end. Embrace these imperfections. Do you consider yourself a high achiever? Wonderful. That was your plan for this lifetime. Do you consider yourself an average or lower achiever? Also wonderful. That was your plan for this lifetime. Always strive to be better within your being; do not strive outwardly to replace your being. Authenticity is a premium trait.

We love you. We support you. And we are here for you should you ask.



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