A Message From Ganesha

September 13, 2018

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Today is Ganesh Chaturthi, which marks the birth of Lord Ganesha. As the Hindu remover of obstacles and champion of new beginnings, you may call on Ganesha when you’re looking to move past old thoughts, patterns, and conditioning; when you’re starting new ventures; or when you’re in a process of personal or professional transformation.

On Ganesh Chaturthi, here is a message from Lord Ganesha.

Beloveds, thank you for gathering in my honor, and thank you for your celebration. Please know that this day is a celebration of you as well – how far you have come, the change you have effected, how your world and psyche have deepened as a result of your spirituality. Know that and celebrate you, too, on this day and in the days following. You are a masterpiece . . . you have come so far, defeated so much, to arrive where you’re at. We recognize and appreciate your dedication and your progress.

Know also that we are here for you as you continue down this path. We have witnessed your suffering and have supported you behind the scenes . . . we shall continue to do so. Please continue to ask for our help, for although it is often unseen, it is very, very real. We would like to continue providing you with any assistance that we are able to during this time. If we could feel your pain for you, we would . . . but that is not a way for you to grow. Hence, you must feel your own pain, grow through your own trials, and learn your own lessons. We may lessen the burden some, but you must do the work.

Those of you who are doing the work are also reaping the benefits – enjoy the balanced perspective, expanded vision, and increased inner peace that you have cultivated. You may deepen each of these further as you deepen your work. But the lessons will still come – the wind will still be knocked out of you at times. Never feel as though you’re above these types of human struggles, or it is at that very time that something will occur and the shock will knock you off your feet. If you are always ready and prepared, knees bent, to take on the obstacles that confront you, you will be in a better posture with which to handle them.

The fact that these lessons still arise is not a bad thing . . . it is a symptom of your progress, your ascension, your growth. It is a very good thing! To have no lessons means that you are not growing, and you can avoid growth for only so long. It is much better to feel the emotions, to integrate the teachings, to understand through your lives the very nature of those things we strive to teach . . . love, forgiveness, self-respect, loyalty. These are the things that matter in life. The methods of learning may vary, but the lessons are all the same.

Next time a lesson occurs, relish it. Lean in, feel it, let go and immerse yourself. Don’t avoid the suffering, for in the suffering there is great liberation. This is how you shift your mind and refresh your perspective. Without suffering, the lesson doesn’t hold the same weight. It is an unfortunate but true fact. So consider the suffering as a gift from the Creator – express your gratitude rather than your disappointment. For the experience and the growth is well worth all that you go through to get there.

We are with you, and we love you. Enjoy this day as we encourage you to enjoy all days.



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