Today’s the new moon in Virgo, and it’s an invitation to get our houses in order and start on the tasks at hand. Saturn has gone direct, and we can now turn extreme self-reflection into purpose-driven action. What did you discover about yourself the last few months? In what areas have you developed and grown? Here’s the tough question: does your external situation reflect your internal growth?

If there’s some dissonance between your external and internal landscapes, now’s your chance to sow some new seeds. Virgo is tremendously organized, efficient, balanced, and conscious, and you’re well supported in practical planning and achievement. Once Virgos decide on a course of action, they persevere, making this moon ideal for lasting progress toward your highest goals. One caution: don’t worry too much about perfection or get stuck in the details – movement should be the mantra.

Make a list, create a vision board, record a voice note – whatever method you choose, pick your focus, plan your next steps, and get going. You can do whatever it is that you set your mind to, and the processes that you put in place now will serve you long-term. Set objectives for the next thirty days as well as the next six months so that you can track your manifestation and achievement.

Work with yellow aventurine, dragon’s blood jasper, hawk’s eye, or green prehnite for motivation, inspiration, perseverance, and growth.