Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

September 3, 2018

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Last night was the last quarter moon in Gemini, offering an opportunity this week for deep thought as well as appreciation of duality. The theme lately has been shadow work, as our deepest issues have risen to the surface to address. If you’ve pushed anything down recently, you’ll notice that it’s barreling back up on the regular – that’s because the energies lately have given us a continuous chance to clear, remove, and transmute any harmful patterns, thought processes, and memories, and those things that we haven’t healed will continue to arise until we do.

Gemini is amazing at cutting through the superfluous details and getting down to business, and coupled with a Virgo sun and a waning moon, now’s the perfect time to assess and clear out anything that doesn’t serve, be it on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. Time is valuable, and you don’t have extra time to waste on those things that aren’t helping you to accomplish your end goals, whether they be personal, spiritual, professional, or financial. Gemini also understands intrinsically that although these things seem separate, they are all interlinked – to have a balanced life, you must support and fuel not only the obvious points of focus for you, but the underlying systems as well.

What keeps coming up for you that you’d rather not deal with any longer, and why are you still holding on? There’s beauty and joy in the surrender, and those things that aren’t serving you won’t benefit you by continuing to remain in your life. It could be as simple as t-shirts that you need to discard or as complex as a relationship that you’ve outgrown. Whatever it is, cut the cord and keep moving forward, unshackled this time. Then spend your time integrating what’s left instead of focusing on what’s gone.

Work with bloodstone, clear quartz, black kyanite, and smoky citrine to ensure understanding and appreciation of duality; to establish strong self-respect and energetic boundaries; and to gain help in centering, grounding, and rooting yourself in your best reality.



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