I’m on a Mission to Heal the Planet

I’m on a Mission to Heal the Planet

I’m on a mission to heal the planet, one lightworker at a time.

I have clients on five continents. I’ll hit six soon. And each person that I’ve worked with has found epic transformation, growth, and healing.

My clients experience amazing results. Among them, they’ve cleared fear, pain, sadness, grief, worry, doubt, sense of lack, past- and present-life wounds, conflicted relationships, and more – often in one session.

My personally developed and client-tailored process is incredibly effective.

I’ve expanded my reach – I’m coaching more, healing more, and teaching more, to more people than ever before. I’m expanding my impact at the same time.

I’d love to help you, too.

General group healing sessions are $8.88 for pets and $11.11 for people. Specialized group sessions start at $22.22.


Past-life readings are $99 and up. Empath Protection Packs start at $555. 3-session packages and programs start at $1111. My Angelic Energy Tune-Up is a complete multidimensional healing experience; my intuitive coaching is eye-opening and growth-inspiring. My Chakras 2.0 program is transformative and cutting-edge.

Need a self-cleansing empath shield that’s remarkably effective yet allows beneficial energy to reach you? I make those. I also design and construct override switches – they allow your intuition to trump your ego in those fear-ridden moments.

I’ll talk directly to your guides for $88 and give you the transcript. Or I’ll provide you with a script-like retelling of your most relevant past lives for $99 – complete with advice to clear residual patterns going forward in this lifetime. Yes, I’m a clear channel.


I don’t usually advertise myself like this, as many of you know. But tonight I got a nudge from my guides. Sometimes I’ve got to set my crystals aside for a second and live in my power. And I need to share it with you when I do.

How else am I going to heal the planet?


New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Leo

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Leo

Happy New Moon and solar eclipse in Leo! Today’s is the last in a dramatic series of eclipses that have occurred recently, and a lot of the intensity is now set to settle down, but in a laser-focused, highly effective, and goal-oriented way. For the new moon today, ride the wave of energy to set some amazing objectives for the next thirty days as well as for the next six months; the persistent theme is self-improvement, self-care, and self-healing.

To add to the surge of positive energy, Jupiter went direct yesterday on August 10th, increasing good fortune, achievement, and collective optimism. Jupiter’s shift provides an amazing burst of momentum which, when combined with the new moon and solar eclipse energy, causes serious ingenuity, progress, and abundance. To take advantage of the new moon and eclipse energy, set intentions that are important to you, and work on manifesting your desires.

What are you hoping to accomplish? What goals have you been too timid to chase? In what areas should you focus to be your best self?  What brilliant ideas have you had lately, and have you made them into something workable?

Now’s a wonderful time to assess your skills, plans, and opportunities. Even if something seems like a stretch, if you really want it, commit to it – there’s no telling what you can manifest with the energy right now. Write it down, put it on a vision board, and embody the objective and any feelings that it inspires. You’ve got this.

Work with ruby, fancy jasper, green aventurine, and Picasso stone to anchor in creativity, strength, growth, and progress.

A Message from Archangel Raphael

A Message from Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael rules the fifth ray, the green ray of healing. As the archangel of healing and travel, Archangel Raphael assists us in healing our minds, bodies, and souls, as well as our relationships. Call on Archangel Raphael when you need assistance with mental, physical, or spiritual health, or when you’d like extra support while traveling. Connect with Archangel Raphael using malachite, emerald, or jade.

Here is a message from Archangel Raphael.

Loved ones, thank you for your trust and your faith. We appreciate all that you have done to heal yourselves and to heal the world so far. The healing process has not been simple, and we applaud you for your sheer relentlessness and your care in moving past those things that plague you. These things are not easy, especially as of late – we have been asking for more healing, more self-reflection, more growth than in previous seasons and in prior years.

Things are quickening – not only the pace, but the amount of growth is greater at a faster rate. This is a good thing . . . more can be accomplished with better efficiency, and more people can be positively affected.

As you go through this expedient time of expansion, filter the things that you see and respond to – it is not necessary to focus on that which will drag your vibration down. Your interests will change; your friendships will either develop further or be left behind; your romantic relationships will flourish or be outgrown.

Don’t be upset with or down on those who choose for one reason or another not to grow with you – you cannot force people along your path, and not everyone is meant to take your path with you. As you further understand how frequency plays a role in purpose, you’ll understand why these people had to be removed from your life. Suffice it to say for now that your vibrational frequency can withstand a certain amount of influence from a lower vibration of negativity . . . should you exceed that amount of influence, your vibrational frequency will begin to wobble and lower, especially before that frequency is fully locked into place. As you grow, it is important to avoid these negative influences so that you can fully follow your path and embody your expansion.

Be pleased with your progress – you have come a long way. One reason that things are so tumultuous right now is because of the speed of your awakening . . . a longer and less dramatic awakening would have produced a less shocking ripple effect throughout your life. Instead, you have quickened the pace and ripped off the bandage . . . it will sting for a moment, but ultimately, the fresh air will help you to heal.

Enjoy your growth, and understand that it is necessary even in its messiness. If those who used to be around are no longer – well, it is time to let them go. It is for your highest and best good. As you lean into this and work with this energy, call on us to help heal your heart – my healing angels and I would be honored to assist further in your growth and healing process. The more that you heal, the more free you’ll feel, and the more rooted in your purpose you’ll become.