A Message From Saraswati

August 30, 2018

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Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and the arts. Call on Saraswati for assistance when you’re studying, deepening a creative pursuit, or starting a new job. She’ll also help increase confidence and charisma in conversations where your knowledge is being put to the test.

Here is a message from Saraswati.

Beloveds, you think that you must know it all, see it all, and have all of the answers in order to be worthy. It is true that you must have some requisite knowledge in the areas in which you practice, of course. But this has nothing to do with worthiness. Your worthiness is inherent in everything that you do, that you have, that you be. For you are your worthiness, and your worthiness is you. They are not separated based on some human ideal of merit – knowledge-based, career-based, status-based, or other. In fact, you must know and understand this in order to truly embody your worthiness – to know that you, too, are a devi.

I must tell you to work with the energies, with the changing tides. Do not struggle against them based on some definition that you’ve developed, like the definition of worthiness above. Once you flow with the energies and allow things to happen, you will understand how little is truly set in stone. So many things are flexible and ever-changing . . . you miss the magic and the miracle of it if you’re constantly focused on one set path.

Allow us to talk to you through your world – you will see better and will understand your magic as well as the Universe’s. Magic is irreplaceable, no matter what you do . . . magic is the seed from which all art develops. Allow the magic to take root in your soul, in your mind, and in your body. Move with the wind, with the world. You will be much more satisfied and joyful. Be as a bird . . . free and flying through life, certain of your path only because you know that your senses will guide you. Control is stifling; enjoy this new freedom.

We love you . . . we are here for you. Things have been changing lately more than ever, we know. But this is a good thing, I must assure you. Focus on yourself and your needs; focus on your magic. Move with the wind and fly through life. Surrender to the shifts so that there’s nothing to overcome. It is then that you will know true freedom.


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