A Message From Archangel Aurora

August 23, 2018

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Archangel Aurora is the twin flame of Archangel Uriel; together, they are known as the Angels of Peace. Call on Archangel Aurora when you’re looking to increase inner peace; improve harmony in relationships; and boost self-love and self-satisfaction.

Here is a message from Archangel Aurora.

Loved ones, thank you for all that you do each day. Thank you for your love, for your hope, and for striving to do better always. We recognize the efforts that you’ve made and that you make continuously – we are happy.

Please, we must tell you, do not be so hard on yourselves! Things happen. Mistakes occur. Meanings are tarnished, words are missed, feelings are perceived incorrectly. There are moments where you may feel like making an outburst, regardless of your age – screaming, crying, lashing out. This is normal. Do not blame yourself. Love yourself through all of it.

You are human. You process things as they happen. When they do, it’s an invitation to observe, to discover, and to grow. Never be hard on yourself for learning and for growing! You’re here to learn and grow, that’s the very purpose of your existence on this planet. Reactions are simply opportunities for growth.

Know that you’ll never feel you have it all “right.” And that’s perfect. You have it right according to your soul’s plan; that’s the only thing you need to know, really. Everything works out the way that it does for a reason; you’ve designed it this way for a reason. Darkness comes because darkness, too, cultivates growth.

Please note that times of immense darkness can also bring times of immense light – you must lean into the darkness, be one with it, in order to transform the darkness into light. When you do so, you become the alchemist – perfectly in control of your universe and at one with all that is. It is from this space that you can expand, flow, and create.

So take your mistakes, your pain, your darkness, and transform them into light. Everything that you go through is for a purpose. You must simply find the lesson in the mix.


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