A Message From Lakshmi

August 16, 2018

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Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance. Wife of Vishnu, Lakshmi may be called upon for luck, financial assistance, and spiritual fulfillment.

Here is a message from Lakshmi.

Beloveds, you are here to experience the world in all of its glory – that means that you must experience the physical as well as the spiritual, that you must bridge the two. So many of you focus on either one or the other . . . those who love the physical often deny the spiritual and vice versa. I must tell you that they are unified – they are one – you cannot have one without the other in this lifetime. Embrace and love your physicality . . . embrace and love your spirituality as well. Do not try to segregate them – it is an unnatural separation that will cause harm to befall your body, mind, and spirit.

For the physical . . . lean into your body more, listen to it, understand its messages. Work with it instead of against it. Believe its messages when they come through – your body is an amazing machine that is built to help you, and it is wise in its counsel. Listen . . . .

For the spiritual – open your mind. Stop hindering yourself by believing things that aren’t true. It doesn’t matter whom you worship or whether you even worship anything at all – your divinity is in you, and you can open yourself to the gods without leaving your body. This is how these things work as one . . . . it is true that you should treat your body as a temple, for it is in fact your own place of worship, no matter your beliefs.

For both – bridge the difference. Do what is needed to take care of your body and spirit so that they work together, in tandem, so that you are one with your higher self. So many ask about manifestation – this is the secret to manifestation. It’s explained as the feelings, and yes, it is the feelings – but what does it mean to embody the feelings? It means that you must take the spiritual message and let it filter down into your body . . . let all of your cells bathe in the message, soak in it, absorb it. If you have separation between the body and the spirit . . . if you allow the mental to get in the way . . . you will not manifest the thing that you want, that you need. But powerful manifestation is found in the embodiment of your desires.

Do not focus on those things that you do not have . . . . Life is a divine path, and sometimes lessons are better learned through toil than gifts. But know that each thing that you encounter is a divine plan that you participated in – embrace each lesson, work with each step, and grow into the soul that you were meant to be. When you grow, you’ll realize that the abundance you so crave and desire is within you, and that you are limitless. This is one of the most powerful realizations that you will have . . . and it will change your life dramatically.

You may always ask us for help. Just remember that it need not be more than a silent whisper, a thought – for we do reside within you, so we can understand those things that you don’t share aloud. A simple, humble, honest thought in bare words is worth more to us than unconnected fanfare . . . know that, too. The connection is where the magic lies – our magic, your magic, and the world’s magic. Be your own magician.


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