I’m on a Mission to Heal the Planet

August 14, 2018

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I’m on a mission to heal the planet, one lightworker at a time.

I have clients on five continents. I’ll hit six soon. And each person that I’ve worked with has found epic transformation, growth, and healing.

My clients experience amazing results. Among them, they’ve cleared fear, pain, sadness, grief, worry, doubt, sense of lack, past- and present-life wounds, conflicted relationships, and more – often in one session.

My personally developed and client-tailored process is incredibly effective.

I’ve expanded my reach – I’m coaching more, healing more, and teaching more, to more people than ever before. I’m expanding my impact at the same time.

I’d love to help you, too.

I offer live and on-demand topical sessions for people and pets.

I also offer detailed past-life viewings and channeled guidance so that you can connect with your guides and get answers to your questions. I’ll provide you with a script-like retelling of your most relevant past lives, or I’ll talk directly to your guides and give you the transcript.

Need a self-cleansing empath shield that’s remarkably effective yet allows beneficial energy to reach you? I make those – they’re called Empath Protection Packs®. I also design and construct override switches – they allow your intuition to trump your ego in those fear-ridden moments. My override switches and additional upgrades are available through my 1:1 Activate Your Intuition® program.

I don’t usually advertise myself like this, as many of you know. But tonight I got a nudge from my guides. Sometimes I’ve got to set my crystals aside for a second and live in my power. And I need to share it with you when I do.

How else am I going to heal the planet?



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