The Transformative Power of Healing the Witch

August 12, 2018

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I’m passionate about all of my work. That’s why I do what I do.

But some of my services honestly affect me to the core of my being. And the Heal the Witch project is one of those.

Why am I so intensely passionate about Heal the Witch?

Because I had to heal my own witch to get to where I am today.

I’ve lived many lifetimes as a witch. Some of those lifetimes had horrible endings.

In one lifetime with a particularly rough ending, I made a protective vow to myself near the end: I told myself I’d never use my magic again. Not in that lifetime and not in any lifetime in the future. I blocked myself – almost entirely.

This lifetime, I spent my youth enthralled with spirituality. I read everything spiritual that I could get my hands on – religious texts; books about karma, enlightenment, and psychic abilities; manuals of astrology and tarot.

I always knew that there was something there for me. It nagged at me. I read quickly, and I learned a lot, but some things I just knew without knowing how or why. A few tarot readers told me that I was psychic, that I would do this for a living, but I couldn’t fully believe them. I mean, I felt something, but there was something missing, too.

Something was missing because I struggled to connect.

I channeled, but I didn’t do so consciously – I didn’t know where the information came from. I didn’t connect super easily to my guides. I had mediumship experiences from time to time growing up, but they were scary, and I couldn’t seem to get additional information on what I specifically was going through.

Worst of all, looking back, is that I didn’t feel any energy in my hands. And there was something deep inside that repeated – this isn’t right. I should feel more. There’s more there for me.

What changed?

I was persistent. I trusted myself, my guides, the Universe – whatever you want to call it – enough to listen to synchronicity. I met my mentor. I answered the call to go through the mentorship. And during that mentorship, we spent significant time clearing my witch wound.

I saw things I probably didn’t want to see. I understood things that I didn’t necessarily want to understand. And little by little, the non-beneficial vows were broken, the lifetimes were cleared, my third eye was unblocked . . . .

And the feeling in my hands came back.

Not just the feeling in my hands, though. My sight came back. My hearing came back. My ability to talk to angels, fairies, and ascended masters . . . came back. It was like a whole new world of awakening, and it was happening for the first time in this lifetime. But it was as familiar as anything could possibly be.

And I couldn’t have done any of it without healing my witch first.

My witch was my catalyst. I had to break that particular vow from that lifetime in order to open myself up to the amazingly magical world that I now call home.

I was never meant for 3D. And how my soul celebrated – rejoiced, even – when I embraced and activated my multidimensional self.

Do you feel that yearning, too? That you’re meant for something more? That some of your magic lies untapped?

Does this event stir something in you? Does the phrase “heal the witch” bring out deep memories or shadows of them? Does the single word “witch” fascinate you in one way or another? Have you found yourself drawn to stories of the witch trials, to magic in any of its forms, or to esoteric knowledge?

If any of these things affect you – if you’re blocked at all in this way – this might be the best $22.22 you’ve ever spent.

Your blocks don’t need to be as drastic as mine – if they’re there at all, you’ll benefit from this session. If you’re unblocked but carrying any cell memory, past-life memories, or collective consciousness of those things that affected the witches, you’ll benefit from this session.

The Heal the Witch group session is a 1-hour event this Friday, August 17, 2018, at 5:55 p.m. PDT (7:55 p.m. CT, 8:55 p.m. EST, 18/8 at 1:55 a.m. BST). $22.22 USD per person.

Join from anywhere in the world. Meditate, sleep, or relax while your entire world changes from within.


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