Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

August 4, 2018

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Welcome to the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus! Though the lunar eclipse made things a bit tumultuous last week, Taurus offers a fresh perspective, new growth, and grounded ideas and action. An uber-practical Earth sign, Taurus inspires grounded planning, goal setting, and achievement, especially where those achievements will fulfill a higher purpose, result in long-term success, and satisfy Taurus’s craving for luxury on some level.

This luxury doesn’t need to be financial – Taurus is all about quality of life, so the ideas that come up should at a minimum provide you with a benefit like additional time with loved ones, space for yourself, or sustained comfort. Spend some time digging into these thoughts, probing them, and putting together an action plan to make them manifest into the physical. What’s your next step? How can you plan so that you’re continuously making progress? What background processes do you need to put into place before your idea can be executed smoothly? Write these out in a journal or planner if it will help you.

While you’re at it, use the energy of the waning moon to release any fears, worries, doubts, worthiness issues, or other issues holding you back from achieving your objectives. Taurus’s penchant for practical action is amazingly beneficial for this exercise, and if you focus, you can plan a whole lot and release a whole lot, paving the way for major change to come as you put things into play over the next few weeks and months. Once you’ve done this exercise, hold onto those goals – next week is both the new moon and another solar eclipse, so any ideas that you sort out now will receive an extra boost as you adopt them fully over the next week.

This year’s theme of change is still ongoing, but we’ve reached a point of faster progress now that the lunar eclipse has passed, and there should be far less to address from our pasts. Instead, focus on the new! Everything that we’ve shed this year is for our higher good, and this Taurus moon will help us to understand that on a deeper level. If the waning moon does bring some things up from your past, trust that it’s doing so in order for you to fully release them going forward. Observe whatever comes up, meld with it, learn the lesson, and let it go instead of pushing it down. Then you can move on with all of the amazing ideas that you’re creating.

For grounded and practical inspiration, organization, and planning, work with onyx, red jasper, smoky quartz, or dendritic agate.


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