A Message From Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion

July 19, 2018

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Kwan Yin (also spelled Kuan Yin, Guan Yin, or Quan Yin) is the Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion and the Goddess of Mercy. Prominently celebrated throughout east Asia, Kwan Yin assists with forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. Call on Kwan Yin to help you release anger, resentment, and doubt, and to increase forgiveness and love.

Here is a message from Kwan Yin.

Beloveds, first understand that you are loved and cherished, by each other as well as by us. Know this fact and embrace it – allow this to envelop you – for when you know that you are loved, the expression of all that you do will improve, will soften, and will grow to be that which it should be. Learn to show each other your love if you can; love has the power to change things, and it is the most effective method of resistance against hate.

Know also that we are here – we can help with your pain – please ask us for our help. It doesn’t matter which of us you ask, for we are all one; follow whatever belief system you follow, and you will reach the same result. Love is the answer; compassion, truth, and care are the influencers. Separation is the opposite of love – separation between you and us, among yourselves, among the various groups that you have established for yourselves – this separation is not the answer. Please know that things will happen more quickly, more seamlessly, if you work together out of love instead of dividing yourselves for various reasons. These reasons are not proper reasons to separate, but should instead serve as motivation to draw together and effect any change that you’d like to make.

Forgiveness is of the utmost importance, especially right now. Please understand that this time has been difficult because we are helping you to rise right now in many different ways – elevate your soul, raise your vibration, shift your perspective – and that happens best through an immersive experience. Intensity often defines an immersive experience, and such has been the case in recent months. But know that if you forgive those in your life who have wronged you, if you place your growth at a premium and invest in yourself, and if you can surrender to the Universe and its plan for you, you will understand how easy this can all be. There’s no need to struggle; there’s no need to fight. Forgiveness, surrender, and love – these are the things that you must remember through this. Remember those things and you will feel supported through whatever turmoil you’re presented with.

Those whom you have in your lives are there for a reason – learn to understand and appreciate the gifts that each person brings to you. Your friends, your family, your loved ones – of course. But also your enemies and those with whom you don’t connect so well – the lessons in those relationships are often deeper and more important to your development than you imagine. Deep gratitude is owed to each human who crosses your path, for each one will teach you something about yourself and your world if you heed your lessons.

Please trust me when I say that it is more important now than ever to love. Cultivate the feeling, understand the emotion, and not on a basic level – but on an unconditional level. You must live for love in order to flourish now. Whatever is holding you back, release it – let it go. Understand that these illusions do not matter. Forgive the people – forgive the situations – forgive yourself. All leads back to love, and the acceptance and realization of that is what will lead you to your contentment.


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