First Quarter Moon in Libra – Introspection & Balance

July 19, 2018

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Happy first quarter moon in Libra! The sun in Cancer has caused us to process some heavy emotions in the last few weeks, and the moon’s stint in Libra today gives us a chance to sort out our feelings with respect to intimate partnerships, our own needs, and the balance of the two. Mars in retrograde continues to offer deep introspection, allowing us to more clearly recognize our patterns, habits, and conditioning.

What is your personal level of balance? Do you give in relationships to the point where you take from yourself? What shifts can you make in your thinking and in your expression to more fully satisfy your own needs? If the reverse is true, what changes can you make to more fully honor your relationships?

First quarter moons are tremendous for change, so you’re well supported by the Universe in any steps that you take right now. Plus, your thoughts and feelings on these topics are bound to get even deeper and more intense tonight when the moon moves into Scorpio. Take advantage of the combo to release your harmful patterns and to restructure and reinvent yourself! Any limitations are your own, so your metamorphosis can take place how you’d like.

As feelings and emotions continue to ride high the rest of this week, don’t forget to continually take time to ground and center yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in your head right now, and if you do, the intense energy might knock you off your feet completely. Breathe deeply, drink plenty of water, spend time in nature or around plants, and carry grounding stones to help with the whirlwind. And rest easy – the sun settles in Leo on Sunday, giving us a dose of fun and a much-needed break from the heavy emotion.

Carry hematite, red jasper, pyrite, or sardonyx to assist with balance, strength, and self-reliance as the week goes on.


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