A Message From Archangel Michael

July 12, 2018

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Angels are nondenominational beings who are here to help us all, regardless of our religion or belief system. Among the angels are archangels, who are akin to divine angelic managers. Archangel Michael is the archangel of the blue ray and is known for offering his protection when needed. Call on Archangel Michael to defeat fear and fear-based thinking, to remove etheric cords draining your energy, and to protect you from psychic attack.

On the day of the new moon and partial solar eclipse, here is a message from Archangel Michael.

Beloveds, please know that we are here throughout the pain, throughout the turmoil that you’ve been experiencing in recent times. It’s part of an ascension – part of a beneficial thing, a rise in consciousness. It’s difficult to deal with in the time being, however, and we do understand your hesitancy to trust. It’s hard for us to convey to you how important it is to trust – trust is what allows you to have those miracle moments, those days where everything seems to go in your favor, when the Universe seems to be conspiring on your behalf. The reason it seems that way on those days is because it’s true! The Universe is conspiring on your behalf; it’s conspiring on all of your behalves. We want you to succeed, loved ones, and we are happy to do what we can to help your path along.

In order to receive our help and to be open to these synchronicities from the Universe, you must ask for our help and you must keep your vibration high. It’s more important than ever to lift yourself out of fear and to trust, trust, trust. Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Trust us. One step at a time, beloved, just one step at a time. You’ll see just enough around you to enjoy the moment, and no, we won’t show you everything in front of you all of the time. We want you to enjoy life, don’t you see? If you know everything that’s going to happen, you don’t have the opportunity to enjoy it as it’s happening! Why would we allow you to ruin that for yourself? Please trust that we always have your highest and best interest in mind and that your greater joy is more important than the tiniest detail that we could let slip ahead of time. If nothing else, remember that you will always have more details when you keep your vibration high – you will simply be in a better place to receive the information that we send to you. So you have another reason to trust.

How to lift yourself out of fear? Laugh! Love! Spend time with friends and family. Get outdoors. Enjoy the life that you’ve been given. Watch the sun, the birds, the animals. Visit the water if you enjoy it. See the hills and the mountains. There are things in nature to keep you entertained and also to keep your vibration high. Stop focusing on the things in your life and start focusing on the people and the scenery – see how much more energy you have with such a simple shift in focus. Work on trusting the Universe one step at a time instead of planning things out months in advance down to the details – the constant worry, chatter, and activity regarding the future is something that promotes fear. Fear of the unknown is rampant and leads only to more fear – trust in the Universe brings no fear in the unknown, for there is nothing to fear in that regard. If the Universe will support you, if we will support you, what is there to fear? You are never alone.

Live for yourself and live your life to make yourself happy – there should be no other goal that surmounts that. The other goals are simply a means to an end – would you want that car, that home, that career if it didn’t somehow lead to happiness in your head? So understand that happiness is an internal state of being; it’s not a state that can be forced through external gratification. It’s something that you must cultivate within yourself, away from fear. Once you have cultivated happiness within yourself, then you may share it with others. And so it goes.

We love you and we are here for you. Ask us to assist you as needed. We would like to help you with anything that you’re experiencing – you can call on us for mechanical things as well as emotional, physical, and mental needs. Just know that we are here for you and that no request is too big or too small. And remember that the fear is manageable – fear is easily replaced by trust. So trust, trust, trust, beloved. You will be so happy that you did.


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