Last Quarter Moon in Aries

July 6, 2018

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last quarter moon aries

Today is the last quarter moon in Aries, and there’s a whirlwind of release energy in the works that’s been hitting us hard since the full moon. Continue to dig in, assess, focus your energy, and release all that doesn’t serve you. Aries is ruled by Mars, which is in retrograde right now, so this last quarter moon gives us a fantastic opportunity to deal with any issues involving communication, assertiveness, and attraction.

Are you passive-aggressive or aggressive in your communication with others? Are you assertive regarding your needs in relationships, or do you tend not to say anything until you’re at the boiling point? Are you working with the Law of Attraction to manifest your best life, or are you hindering yourself through harmful thought patterns or outdated beliefs? Now’s the perfect time to determine what you can change and let go of – and to actually DO IT before this moon cycle’s over.

What has been coming up for you that you haven’t wanted to address? How is your communication with your friends/family/partner/spouse? Do you have patterns that have subsisted for awhile that you need to conquer? Ask your guides and higher self for help as you overcome the obstacles that have been plaguing you. Life’s too short to carry extra baggage around.

Work with bloodstone, sodalite, emerald, or lepidolite to aid with deep release and recovery in the areas mentioned.


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