A Message From Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles & Champion of New Beginnings

July 5, 2018

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Ganesha is a Hindu deity who is both a remover of obstacles and a champion of new beginnings. Call on Ganesha when you’re looking to break through an outdated pattern, drop a bad habit, or create lasting transformation in your life.

Ganesha has this message for us in this time of dramatic change.

Loved ones, we understand what it is that you’re going through. The many changes that you’ve seen lately have been drastic and startling. We understand your difficulty in remaining positive and hopeful – yet we ask that you do so. If you can remain upbeat, positive, and a force of good for those around you, you will have a much greater effect than you realize.

Right now you must focus on shedding those things that do not serve you and that do not serve humanity. These things are coming up more frequently and with more pain than ever before – you are being confronted with them not to run and hide, but to overcome them, slay them, and move beyond them. These are the things that do not serve your soul’s evolution. Let them go.

You must understand that to grasp these things tightly – to attempt to control them, to hold on as they slip through your fingers – is to sabotage yourself. It often seems like those things that we have are the best that life has to offer, but I assure you that is not true. We will bring you better things . . . but you must have the space to hold them. If you do not make space, the new cannot even enter into your environment; it simply passes by to the next person who is a match and who has the space for that thing.

Rid yourself of clutter – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and watch how your life transforms. Clean your mind like you clean your home. Your intuition is the most important resident in your world – give it space to move so it can function properly.

Stop using your energy on useless things that you don’t need. Instead, pay attention to your purpose. If you don’t know it, you’ll discover it. The answer lies in that thing you love that helps humanity. What do you do naturally that makes people smile? What can you do on a practical level to help? How can you be of service? Answer those questions and you’ll be far along your way to discovering your purpose.

Don’t wait – move now. Time is of the essence. There’s much to do and little time to spare. Rise, grow, help. Dig in and live to your highest potential. We are here to help you if you ask us.




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