Full Blood Moon in Aquarius: Process + Release

Full Blood Moon in Aquarius: Process + Release

Tomorrow is the full blood moon in Aquarius, and it’s the longest lunar eclipse this century. With the moon opposite the Leo sun, the primary focuses this eclipse are self-mastery, self-discovery, and relationships with others. Now’s the chance to rise above everything that you used to be and be everything that you’re meant to be.

There’s a final opportunity today and tomorrow to let things go before the new paradigm begins – DO IT. Dig in, pull the weeds, examine them if you have to. Work through the things that have been bothering you the past few days, months, years. Find those things that you’ve shoved down – that you haven’t wanted to process – and release them. If you do the heavy lifting now, you won’t have to carry any extra baggage into the new post-eclipse paradigm that’s beginning.

How to release? Love yourself first. Those things that you hated – they taught you some of your most valuable lessons. Unearth the shadow part of yourself, but give it just as much love and care as the shiny part of yourself. Accept those things that you regret and those things that you can’t change now. Know that you learned your lesson, and make a point to apply it going forward. Leave the rest behind.

The relationships that dissatisfied you – the times that you were hurt – the friendships that ended poorly – those were all catalysts to you being you. What did you learn? Take each thing that plagues you, that weighs on you, and assess it. What emotions are still attached to that event/person/situation? Have you truly moved on? Are you still carrying some of that hardness in your heart today? Find the lesson, forgive the person or situation, and let the rest go. Every single time.

It’ll seem impossible with some issues – some things are nearly unbearable, and it’s easy to think that no lesson came of a cruel or calculating situation. For those experiences, think of your strength – you made it through, and you’re here today. You’re not only here, but you’re reading, learning, and growing. You made it. You can be more and do more because of your experience, your perspective, and your story. Take the good of it – leave the rest behind. Every single time.

Emotions will come up, and they won’t always be pretty. Feel everything. Interact with it all. Try to resolve the pain by working through it rather than numbing it. Numbing it will only push it back down. . . . Find your way to process it all.

Do you journal? Great. Safely burn the pages when you’re done. Not a writer? Speak it. Talk to your best friend, your therapist or coach, your mirror, even your dog. It doesn’t matter whom. Get it out. Do you exercise? Go for a jog, hit the gym, or take a walk. Let the energy move through you as you feel it, and let yourself process e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Any of these suggestions may feel like hard work. But they’re each worth it.

While you process things, stay grounded. Emotions are a lot harder to deal with when you’re not firmly planted on this Earth. If you need grounding tips, check out my recent article: https://bit.ly/2mLuMi6. Popular and easy-to-find grounding stones include black tourmaline, agate, jasper, smoky quartz, jet, onyx, petrified wood, and pyrite.

For help processing the emotions that arise, work with any of the following crystals and stones.

  • Opal
  • Garnet
  • Lepidolite
  • Morganite
  • Ocean jasper
  • Spirit quartz
  • Smoky quartz
  • Lithium quartz
  • Pink tourmaline
  • Desert rose selenite

For extra assistance in releasing all that you can, check out my distance healing Blood Moon group session and other specials HERE.

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One way or another, together or solo – let’s release the past.

A Message From Archangel Gabriel

A Message From Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the Divine Messenger and the archangel of the white ray, the ray of harmony and purity. Known for aiding in the discovery and achievement of one’s life purpose, Archangel Gabriel assists with motivation, time management, and creative inspiration. Archangel Gabriel helps with communication and often acts as a guide for those with messages to share, including writers, teachers, speakers, musicians, artists, and psychics, among others.

As we head into the full moon lunar eclipse, and as we stand on the precipice of change, here is a message from Archangel Gabriel.

Divine souls, please accept our love and devotion, and please accept our aid. We remind you again to ask us for help as needed – you are going through so much, but we can help you only if and when you ask. We have divine messengers here on Earth to help you – please take note and accept their help as well.

The turmoil has been overwhelming, it seems, and many of you have felt a loss of hope in recent months. Hold onto the hope that you have, and keep working to raise your vibration. As you raise that, you’ll be able to speak with us more easily, and you’ll be able to see the signs that we send more easily. This allows you to remain in constant communication with us. Even when things seem hopeless, they never are – even when things seems futile, they are not. Things are always working out in your best good, although you may not realize it at the time. Even strange and unimaginable things are often working out on a greater soul level. You must trust us, and you must trust yourselves. Trust and surrender will bring you the peace that you desire so strongly, but only trust and surrender will do so.

You have a chance now. A chance to reform yourselves, to reform your lives. You understand that the energy has been tumultuous, and you’ve been noticing the changes. But do you know how deep these changes run? Your entire life has the capacity to be restructured. Find those things that you want to change, to transform, and change them, transform them. No longer do you need to cling to the old ways, the old stories. You can change them now and never deal with them again. You have this opportunity to rise, to be. To fulfill your mission and to fulfill your destiny. But you have to look at yourself . . . you have to find those things that must be transformed. Once you do so you can tackle them head-on; if you don’t, they’ll remain but a mystery. The choice is yours.

So remember, then, that all is not hopeless. It’s more hopeful than anything – you’re entering a new time, a new paradigm, that so many have longed for. Be grateful for the opportunities that are available to you now. And remember that you have our love, guidance, and assistance whenever you ask for it. So go forth – shed the layers – shine your light. Once you do so, you will fully grow into the person whom you were meant to be.

A Message From Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion

A Message From Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion

Kwan Yin (also spelled Kuan Yin, Guan Yin, or Quan Yin) is the Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion and the Goddess of Mercy. Prominently celebrated throughout east Asia, Kwan Yin assists with forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. Call on Kwan Yin to help you release anger, resentment, and doubt, and to increase forgiveness and love.

Here is a message from Kwan Yin.

Beloveds, first understand that you are loved and cherished, by each other as well as by us. Know this fact and embrace it – allow this to envelop you – for when you know that you are loved, the expression of all that you do will improve, will soften, and will grow to be that which it should be. Learn to show each other your love if you can; love has the power to change things, and it is the most effective method of resistance against hate.

Know also that we are here – we can help with your pain – please ask us for our help. It doesn’t matter which of us you ask, for we are all one; follow whatever belief system you follow, and you will reach the same result. Love is the answer; compassion, truth, and care are the influencers. Separation is the opposite of love – separation between you and us, among yourselves, among the various groups that you have established for yourselves – this separation is not the answer. Please know that things will happen more quickly, more seamlessly, if you work together out of love instead of dividing yourselves for various reasons. These reasons are not proper reasons to separate, but should instead serve as motivation to draw together and effect any change that you’d like to make.

Forgiveness is of the utmost importance, especially right now. Please understand that this time has been difficult because we are helping you to rise right now in many different ways – elevate your soul, raise your vibration, shift your perspective – and that happens best through an immersive experience. Intensity often defines an immersive experience, and such has been the case in recent months. But know that if you forgive those in your life who have wronged you, if you place your growth at a premium and invest in yourself, and if you can surrender to the Universe and its plan for you, you will understand how easy this can all be. There’s no need to struggle; there’s no need to fight. Forgiveness, surrender, and love – these are the things that you must remember through this. Remember those things and you will feel supported through whatever turmoil you’re presented with.

Those whom you have in your lives are there for a reason – learn to understand and appreciate the gifts that each person brings to you. Your friends, your family, your loved ones – of course. But also your enemies and those with whom you don’t connect so well – the lessons in those relationships are often deeper and more important to your development than you imagine. Deep gratitude is owed to each human who crosses your path, for each one will teach you something about yourself and your world if you heed your lessons.

Please trust me when I say that it is more important now than ever to love. Cultivate the feeling, understand the emotion, and not on a basic level – but on an unconditional level. You must live for love in order to flourish now. Whatever is holding you back, release it – let it go. Understand that these illusions do not matter. Forgive the people – forgive the situations – forgive yourself. All leads back to love, and the acceptance and realization of that is what will lead you to your contentment.

First Quarter Moon in Libra – Introspection & Balance

First Quarter Moon in Libra – Introspection & Balance

Happy first quarter moon in Libra! The sun in Cancer has caused us to process some heavy emotions in the last few weeks, and the moon’s stint in Libra today gives us a chance to sort out our feelings with respect to intimate partnerships, our own needs, and the balance of the two. Mars in retrograde continues to offer deep introspection, allowing us to more clearly recognize our patterns, habits, and conditioning.

What is your personal level of balance? Do you give in relationships to the point where you take from yourself? What shifts can you make in your thinking and in your expression to more fully satisfy your own needs? If the reverse is true, what changes can you make to more fully honor your relationships?

First quarter moons are tremendous for change, so you’re well supported by the Universe in any steps that you take right now. Plus, your thoughts and feelings on these topics are bound to get even deeper and more intense tonight when the moon moves into Scorpio. Take advantage of the combo to release your harmful patterns and to restructure and reinvent yourself! Any limitations are your own, so your metamorphosis can take place how you’d like.

As feelings and emotions continue to ride high the rest of this week, don’t forget to continually take time to ground and center yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in your head right now, and if you do, the intense energy might knock you off your feet completely. Breathe deeply, drink plenty of water, spend time in nature or around plants, and carry grounding stones to help with the whirlwind. And rest easy – the sun settles in Leo on Sunday, giving us a dose of fun and a much-needed break from the heavy emotion.

Carry hematite, red jasper, pyrite, or sardonyx to assist with balance, strength, and self-reliance as the week goes on.

Release Your Fears

We’re in the midst of eclipse season, and we’re being called to step up in new and exciting ways.

But before we can achieve our goals, we must let go of our fears so that we can focus on – and manifest – the lovely possibilities that life has to offer.

Are you ready to release your fears today?