First Quarter Moon in Virgo: Action Supported by Purpose

June 20, 2018

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first quarter moon virgo

Today is the first quarter moon, and it’s a week of clear action supported by higher purpose. We’re being called to increase our knowledge and overall awareness not only of ourselves but of our loved ones, our communities, and our countries. Cultural and patriarchal situations have spiked, and while intermediate measures have been taken, there is more to learn, more to integrate, and more to do.

At the same time, Virgo urges us to be organized and methodical in our choices. Assess your skills and resources to determine where you would be most helpful. Acting without a plan isn’t the best move, but make sure that you don’t let the plan hold you up – it’s more important to move forward than to have things perfect before doing so. Use your intuition to feel out how you can be most effective in your responses.

Though this first quarter moon began in Virgo, it’s interesting to note that it had an almost immediate shift into Libra, which rules the house of partnership. Libra brings with it reason, justice, unity, and love. Along with those qualities, Libra infuses us with hope and idealism. If we can truly join together, love one another, and treat each other with respect and equality, we’ll make great strides as people, communities, and nations.

Work with almandine garnet, petrified wood, chalcopyrite, and chiastiolite for structured and purpose-driven action.


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