Super New Moon in Gemini

June 14, 2018

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Happy Super New Moon in Gemini! After a number of heavy moon cycles resulting in roller-coaster emotions, major changes, and unparalleled downloads and up-levels, it’s time to HAVE FUN and enjoy a positive outlook, good fortune, and new opportunities!

We’ve shed enough layers over the past few months that we should each feel a little more comfortable in our own skin during this moon cycle. Celebrate the progress that you’ve made and the momentum that you’ve accumulated! This year has likely included some losses, shifts, and redefinitions; instead of focusing on what’s gone, hone in on the benefits and growth that correspond to the changes that you’ve made.

What new habits do you want to create? What activities and patterns do you want to continue? The positive energy present during this new moon makes now the perfect time to set your intentions for (a) the next month and (b) the next six months. Write these intentions down for best results, and for an extra boost, place them within your space so that they’re visible each morning throughout the month.

Work with blue kyanite, opal, moss agate, and rhodonite for inspiration, optimism, beneficial growth, and success.


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