Full Moon in Sagittarius: Fun in Integration

May 29, 2018

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full moon sagittarius

Today is the full moon in Sagittarius, inviting us each to take a look at the events of the past few months through a new lens. Everything happens for a reason, and some of the turmoil by now will be seen in a new light. Indulge your inner philosopher a bit over the next week or so, but don’t focus too much on the past – the point is to review it and learn from it so that you can move forward with a fresh start and new perspective.

Thankfully, the Gemini Sun prevents us from taking things too seriously this week, and it also incites Sagittarius’s desire for fun. Take the time to let loose a bit, whether it’s by laughing at dinner with friends, dancing around your living room, or walking around the block with your dog. Physical activity of some kind will keep your energy moving and will help to reset your system after dealing with several moons’ worth of roller coaster emotions and whirlwind change. Slough off anything still left that doesn’t serve and celebrate the progress that you’ve made as well as the total process that you’ve been through. Gratitude can be discovered in newfound wisdom and weathered skin.

Work with the following crystals and stones to inspire some fun in your life while you’re integrating the knowledge of the past few months.

Green Apophyllite
Orange Calcite
Picasso Stone (Picasso Jasper)


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