New Moon in Taurus: Balance, Assessment, and Adjustments

May 15, 2018

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Today is the New Moon in Taurus, an earth sign that encourages us to focus on stability, practicality, and foundational details. At the same time, Uranus is also moving into Taurus, igniting a fast-paced rebellion that’s ticking upward toward the atmosphere. The combined theme is finance, security, and the upheaval of both. Prepare for monumental changes over the next eight years in the way that we collectively and individually view possessions, currency, and financial comfort. This week, at the beginning of the transit, Taurus’s status as a fixed sign may cause us to uncomfortably cling to old ways of being. Note that this is a short-lived and ill-founded attempt – in fact, this moon cycle is the perfect time to start shedding those learned methods for good and revamping things according to our own internal compasses.

What do security and stability mean for you? How do they play out in your life? Have you been hesitant to make changes because you would rather have safety and known variables? Are you a passion-charged go-getter who despises feeling stuck and is always on the move? Or are you somewhere in between, plodding during comfortable times and then embracing change in correspondence with your soul’s occasional need to shift? Uranus forces us to take stock and redefine these terms for ourselves while we methodically examine our tendencies, habits, and goals with regard to all things finance- and career-related.

Now’s the perfect time to analyze our retirement, savings, home, college, and/or other major financial goals to determine whether we’re on the right track or whether adjustments need to be made. It’s also a great time to look at our other reserves: are we personally and practically prepared for events like earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters? Do we have extra food and water, and do we have emergency preparedness plans? Take the opportunity to put solid systems into place if you haven’t yet established them.

Always one to do the right thing, Taurus assists us in making any changes in an ethical and well reasoned manner. Thoroughly assess your situation before jumping into anything new – though the energy is supercharged due to Uranus’s influence, it’s important to heed Taurus’s counsel to slow down and make sure that any changes really resonate before they’re implemented.

Work with the following crystals and stones to inspire balance, effective assessment, and grounded adjustments.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper


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