Crystals for Moms

May 13, 2018

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Happy Mother’s Day! Have you ever thought about gifting your mother a crystal on her special day? Crystals are such unique gifts, and it’s a wonderful experience to find a crystal that’s meant for a loved one.

Here are some great crystals for moms!

  • Agate: grounding, emotional balance, and strength
  • Black Tourmaline: grounding, psychic and EMF protection, and stress reduction
  • Green Aventurine: family connections, happiness, and prosperity
  • Lepidolite: comfort, contentment, reduced worry, and psychic and EMF protection
  • Rose Quartz: self-love, compassion, and peace
  • Selenite: peace, relaxation, purification, and stress reduction

Hoping to help your mom de-stress, whether as a last-minute Mother’s Day gift or not? Consider the gift of an Angelic Energy Tune-Up for reduced stress, worry, and doubt as well as increased love, happiness, and peace.


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