Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius: Self-Assessment & Enlightened Change

May 7, 2018

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Tonight is the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, and the cycle of release that corresponds with the waning moon continues through next Monday. Aquarius, the unique and soul-fueled water bearer, encourages us to be ourselves – no matter whom we offend – and to shine our lights brightly.

What have you been holding back in order to please others? What masks have you worn so that you could fit in? When have you stifled your own voice and gone with the crowd? And, really – what has it gained you? Work with the Aquarius moon to answer these questions and to identify and shed the energy that’s been holding you back this whole time.

Dig deep, journal, and get it all out, because next week is an entirely new opportunity to emerge as YOU, whole and complete in your being, with no apologies and no regrets. Absorb the lessons that you’ve learned, and be grateful for the connections that you’ve had, the mistakes that you’ve made, and the things that you’ve witnessed – they’ve all served as your teachers at one point or another.

Work with the following crystals for revealing self-assessment and enlightened change.

Ocean Jasper
Rainbow Moonstone


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