Welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio! Passion and esoteric wisdom are now highlighted, and spiritual downloads and epiphanies have ramped up over the past few days. If you’re having more intuitive hits, trust them, and trust yourself and the Universe.

Major life changes are in process for many as needs and purposes are assessed and situational pros and cons are reviewed. Scorpio is working behind the scenes to ensure that such changes are well planned, though, so don’t attribute long-awaited shifts to reckless impulsivity. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn offers a boost of introspection and acceptance, helping us to fully identify what’s wrong and how to fix it – or how to move on from the unfixable. At the same time, the Sun in Taurus encourages us to respect ourselves and to do what’s right.

What is and isn’t working in your life? What do you need to shed, discard, transform, or reinvent? Scorpio is a sign of regeneration, helping you to double down on your efforts when warranted or to walk away from a bad situation when necessary. Consistent lack of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction are not acceptable, and this astrological influence is the perfect opportunity to take a stand and voice your needs.

Work with the following crystals and stones for introspective release and empowered change.

Snowflake obsidian
Lapis lazuli