Prevent and Remove Etheric Cords

April 24, 2018

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prevent and remove etheric cords

Have you ever heard of “cords” and wondered what they were?

Non-beneficial etheric cords are lines between two people that attach during social situations, difficult incidents, and workplace occurrences.

These cords often remain attached to a person and drain that person’s energy following the initial encounter. Cords are created in cases of unmet or unrealistic expectations; obsession with a person or topic of interest; or unresolved feelings toward another, whether love, resentment, anger, or another emotion.

Those who are empathic, work intuitively, and/or who work with the public are more likely to obtain cords during their activities, but if a person doesn’t protect themselves psychically, cords are generally able to easily attach. Those who manage others are particularly susceptible to cords and may notice frequent headaches due to corded employees etherically “picking their brains.”

How can cords be avoided, and once they’re established, how can they be removed?

Selenite and black obsidian are both powerful deterrents to cords. Carrying a piece of either with the intention of eliminating cords can dramatically reduce the number of cords that attach to your aura and can also chip away at cords that are already present.

When speaking with others (especially those whom you feel uncomfortable around or whom you know are energetically tough to handle), angle your body slightly away from the other person and/or cross your limbs – your arms, wrists, legs, or ankles – to prevent cords from attaching.

An energy worker can help you to remove your cords that are already attached; it’s safer if the energy worker removes them by dissolving them or pulling them out by the root instead of cutting them. If you’d like to remove your cords in this way, check out any of my on-demand or 1:1 Angelic Energy Tune-Ups®.

You can also call on Archangel Michael to help you by saying, “Archangel Michael, thank you for protecting my energy field from unwanted harmful energy and for preventing any etheric cords not in my highest and best interest. Thank you also for removing those cords attached to me that are currently draining my energy.” Remember that the angels can’t assist you unless you explicitly request their help.




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