New Moon in Aries: Refresh + Renew

April 15, 2018

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Today’s New Moon in Aries brings with it a brand-new cycle of rebirth and regeneration. Last cycle’s focus on redefinition and metamorphosis has taken shape, and it’s time to emerge as the true you in all of your glory. Take a moment to congratulate yourself – you’ve made it through some tough lessons in the past few months, and though it’s been a rocky road, you’ve adapted, grown, and evolved through it all.

This new moon has plenty of its own momentum, but added boosts come from Chiron’s shift into Aries and Mercury’s going direct, providing even more support in our reemergence. This moon’s theme is refresh and renew, so shake off any stale energy as you get moving! Chiron in Aries’s gift is the ability to easily manage adversity; use that energy to grow based on your own terms, rather than on anyone else’s.

Who have you become? How have your experiences shaped you? After all of your growth, who is the unique and undeniable you? Share that person with the world! Now’s the time to spread your wings. Follow your passions, your dreams, and your intuition. Life is making you exactly who you’re intended to be.

Use the following crystals and stones to help you step boldly into your power, claim your individuality, and shine your light.

Suggested crystals and stones:

  • Citrine
  • Yellow aventurine
  • Septarian
  • Fire agate




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