Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: Release and Redefinition

April 8, 2018

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Today is the last quarter moon in Capricorn, and with it comes an invitation to release some of the most entrenched stories and karma that we’ve developed in this lifetime.

How do you define yourself? Is it in terms of your soul, your inner voice, and your truth? Or is it in terms of your accomplishments, your disappointments, and your circumstances? If you define yourself through the last three characteristics and others similar to them, change your story!

Sit quietly, go within, and connect with your higher self to discover your true personal values, needs, and motivations. Use these things to redefine your story so that it resonates with you as an individual. Once you’ve done so, take the time to consider whether each activity and circumstance in your life matches that focus. If it doesn’t, look at where you can shift things and live more fully in your truth. These changes don’t have to be big ones, and they don’t need to occur all at once – even a small step toward your truth is beneficial.

Journaling at this time can be particularly powerful – try writing in pencil with your non-dominant hand or putting yourself in a deeply relaxed state beforehand to see what comes through from your subconscious. Work with the stones below to open your subconscious, dive into the shadows, and release those things that don’t resonate.

Suggested crystals and stones: black and gold sheen obsidian, malachite, labradorite, and black tourmaline.


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