Full Moon in Scorpio: Reinvention & Regeneration

Full Moon in Scorpio: Reinvention & Regeneration

Welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio! Passion and esoteric wisdom are now highlighted, and spiritual downloads and epiphanies have ramped up over the past few days. If you’re having more intuitive hits, trust them, and trust yourself and the Universe.

Major life changes are in process for many as needs and purposes are assessed and situational pros and cons are reviewed. Scorpio is working behind the scenes to ensure that such changes are well planned, though, so don’t attribute long-awaited shifts to reckless impulsivity. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn offers a boost of introspection and acceptance, helping us to fully identify what’s wrong and how to fix it – or how to move on from the unfixable. At the same time, the Sun in Taurus encourages us to respect ourselves and to do what’s right.

What is and isn’t working in your life? What do you need to shed, discard, transform, or reinvent? Scorpio is a sign of regeneration, helping you to double down on your efforts when warranted or to walk away from a bad situation when necessary. Consistent lack of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction are not acceptable, and this astrological influence is the perfect opportunity to take a stand and voice your needs.

Work with the following crystals and stones for introspective release and empowered change.

Snowflake obsidian
Lapis lazuli

Cord Prevention & Removal

Cord Prevention & Removal

Have you ever heard of “cords” and wondered what they were? Non-beneficial etheric cords are lines between two people that attach during social situations, difficult incidents, and workplace occurrences. These cords often remain attached to a person and drain that person’s energy following the initial encounter. Cords are created in cases of unmet or unrealistic expectations; obsession with a person or topic of interest; or unresolved feelings toward another, whether love, resentment, anger, or another emotion.

Those who are empathic, work intuitively, and/or who work with the public are more likely to obtain cords during their activities, but if a person doesn’t protect themselves psychically, cords are generally able to easily attach. Those who manage others are particularly susceptible to cords and may notice frequent headaches due to corded employees etherically “picking their brains.”

How can cords be removed, and how can one ensure his or her protection? Selenite is a powerful deterrent to cords. An energy worker can help you to remove your cords that are already attached; please note that it’s better if the energy worker removes them by the root instead of cutting them. You can also call on Archangel Michael to help you by saying, “Archangel Michael, thank you for protecting my energy field from unwanted harmful energy and for preventing any etheric cords not in my highest and best interest. Thank you also for removing those cords attached to me that are currently draining my energy.” Remember that the angels can’t assist you unless you explicitly request their help.


First Quarter Moon in Leo: Grounded & Inspired Action

First Quarter Moon in Leo: Grounded & Inspired Action

Happy First Quarter Moon in Leo! This week’s energy is bursting forth with inspired ACTION. Have you been planning something for awhile now? Do you have tasks like spring cleaning that you’ve intended to do? What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to put your thoughts into motion and get things done!

Though Leo is absolutely urging us to act, take care to stay grounded and to act with compassion. Leo is a loving and gregarious sign, but it does have a temper, and the moon’s square with the Sun in Taurus makes it easy for ego-based concerns and resentments to flare up. Take a deep breath and let go of the frustration or anger if you can – a momentary victory often isn’t worth the long-term effects that could result from an argument. If you need to step back for a moment, do so; make sure to balance, ground, and center yourself. If you’re open to it, you can always ask Archangel Uriel for help as you deal with discernment, tough emotions, and communication conflicts.

Easy ways to ground yourself quickly include drinking water; eating root vegetables; hugging a tree; or holding a grounding crystal like black tourmaline, black onyx, red jasper, or smoky quartz.

Use the following crystals for help with grounded and inspired action.

  • Carnelian
  • Ammonite
  • Smoky quartz
  • Hematoid or tangerine quartz



New Moon in Aries: Refresh + Renew

New Moon in Aries: Refresh + Renew

Today’s New Moon in Aries brings with it a brand-new cycle of rebirth and regeneration. Last cycle’s focus on redefinition and metamorphosis has taken shape, and it’s time to emerge as the true you in all of your glory. Take a moment to congratulate yourself – you’ve made it through some tough lessons in the past few months, and though it’s been a rocky road, you’ve adapted, grown, and evolved through it all.

This new moon has plenty of its own momentum, but added boosts come from Chiron’s shift into Aries and Mercury’s going direct, providing even more support in our reemergence. This moon’s theme is refresh and renew, so shake off any stale energy as you get moving! Chiron in Aries’s gift is the ability to easily manage adversity; use that energy to grow based on your own terms, rather than on anyone else’s.

Who have you become? How have your experiences shaped you? After all of your growth, who is the unique and undeniable you? Share that person with the world! Now’s the time to spread your wings. Follow your passions, your dreams, and your intuition. Life is making you exactly who you’re intended to be.

Use the following crystals and stones to help you step boldly into your power, claim your individuality, and shine your light.

Suggested crystals and stones:

  • Citrine
  • Yellow aventurine
  • Septarian
  • Fire agate



Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: Release and Redefinition

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: Release and Redefinition

Today is the last quarter moon in Capricorn, and with it comes an invitation to release some of the most entrenched stories and karma that we’ve developed in this lifetime.

How do you define yourself? Is it in terms of your soul, your inner voice, and your truth? Or is it in terms of your accomplishments, your disappointments, and your circumstances? If you define yourself through the last three characteristics and others similar to them, change your story!

Sit quietly, go within, and connect with your higher self to discover your true personal values, needs, and motivations. Use these things to redefine your story so that it resonates with you as an individual. Once you’ve done so, take the time to consider whether each activity and circumstance in your life matches that focus. If it doesn’t, look at where you can shift things and live more fully in your truth. These changes don’t have to be big ones, and they don’t need to occur all at once – even a small step toward your truth is beneficial.

Journaling at this time can be particularly powerful – try writing in pencil with your non-dominant hand or putting yourself in a deeply relaxed state beforehand to see what comes through from your subconscious. Work with the stones below to open your subconscious, dive into the shadows, and release those things that don’t resonate.

Suggested crystals and stones: black and gold sheen obsidian, malachite, labradorite, and black tourmaline.