Blue Moon in Libra: Seeking Harmonious Balance

March 31, 2018

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Today is the blue moon in Libra, which invites us to adjust our lives so that we’re living our truths and following our most guided paths. The second full moon in March and the second blue moon this year, we now have another opportunity for intense release – this time with the goal of harmonious balance and enlightened fulfillment.

What is still blocking you from realizing your dreams or from achieving your potential? Is there something that you’ve been hanging onto that you know isn’t in your best interest? Now’s the time to reach higher than before, although we may need to reconfigure our loads – and expectations – to get there. Sometimes we need to scratch against the terrain to climb to the top, and that’s what’s happening now for many of us. We’ve overcome the steep depths of a few weeks back, and our view has expanded, but we’re still not quite out of the hole. Keep reaching, scratching, and climbing – the freedom on the other side is worth that last bit of effort.

Suggested crystals and stones: petalite, sardonyx, aqua aura quartz, and grape chalcedony.


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