First Quarter Moon in Cancer: Life Changes

March 24, 2018

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Today is the first quarter moon in Cancer, and we’re gaining some serious manifestation traction when it comes to family and home life. Major changes are still occurring through the Libra full moon on March 31, and there’s an emphasis on romances growing or ending, relationship statuses changing, and family interactions shifting to a more authentic place. The important thing to remember is that all of the changes that we’re experiencing right now are occurring for our highest and best good, and we’re raising our vibrations the entire time – so long as we surrender and trust the universe in the process.

Those looking to switch locations or to rent or purchase a new home will notice options opening up and things falling into place. But with Mercury retrograde until April 15 and in the shadow period through May 3, it may be best to avoid signing on the dotted line – at least for big purchases – until that timeframe is over. If you need to enter into a contract before May 4, thoroughly read the terms and ensure your full understanding so that you can aptly avoid the miscommunications and mishaps that Mercury retrograde is famous for.

Try to avoid worrying about the retrogrades this weekend (Jupiter’s in retrograde, too, until July 10, signifying purification, detoxification, and growth of all kinds). Instead, make the most of this moment of manifestation! What are your goals for your family and home life? Where do you see yourself in six months, a year, or five years? If you aren’t on track, what can you do to get there? Now’s the time to put it all together and to take the initiative to set things in motion.

Suggested crystals: copper, green opal, spessartine garnet, and agate.


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