Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

March 1, 2018

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Happy Full Moon in Virgo! Today is the first of two March full moons, leading us to the second blue moon of the year. We’re now confronted with the energy needed to stimulate major developments and deep release in our lives.

Virgo is the ultimate perfectionist of the zodiac – the organizer, strategist, and planner – who loves to make things happen. With Virgo in charge, anything that isn’t aligned with one’s wishes may be easily changed to suit one’s specifications. And with the sun in Pisces, the current focus is emotional satisfaction and fulfillment.

What’s holding you back from reaching your version of perfection? Are there barriers in the way of accomplishing your goals, or is some kind of mess preventing you from clearly seeing your next best steps? Work with the Virgo full moon to clear the way, identify your objectives, and maximize your planning potential.

Are you starting a family, making new friends, or beginning a relationship? What about developing your business or taking that next step with your partner? Conversely, do you need to end a romantic relationship or friendship, *finally* have that talk with your boss, or reach an agreement with a counterpart? Virgo can provide both the clarity and oomph needed to make your desires a reality.

Suggested crystals and stones: black Tibetan quartz, jade, red jasper, and rutilated quartz.


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