Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

Today is the new moon in Aquarius, which means that it’s time to take stock of our progress and focus on our intentions for the month ahead. Last month’s lunar eclipse brought a chance for major manifestation, and the partial solar eclipse occurring in tandem with the new moon today takes that manifestation mojo even further. Aquarius, as the free-flowing water bearer, brings liberated decision-making processes that incite new awareness and opportunities for each of us.

What goals are you focused on? Do you want to transcend old conditioning for good so that you can accomplish your objectives? Now’s your chance! Ingenuity, creativity, and new ideas abound – enjoy the inspiration, and take notes so that you remember to act on your ideas later. The seeds that you sow now will be harvested later this year, so plant enough of them to satisfy your needs.

Recommended crystals and stones: vanadinite, mookaite jasper, azeztulite, clear quartz, and Herkimer diamond.